Saturday, 17 July 2010


I've S.L.O.W.L.Y. started painting again, its hard going atm - my left hand (the truly problematic one) has been a lot worse recently (and painful to a silly degree).

I'm struggling on, and I actually managed to ruin a paint-job (a Crooked Dice "not" Doctor Who) the other night, thanks to my hand - I actually dropped it onto my painting area and got brown ink all over him - ow well into the stripping pot he goes!

I will be "having another go" tonight, and hopefully it will lead to productivity to some extent. I've bought a LOT of miniatures lately (AE-WWII, Malifaux, and AE-Bounty), and have a long list of Pulp City I want on top of that!

Oh Well - K.B.O!


darth tater said...

Stop adding to the unpainted lead pile! It's an addiction.......

Doctor Warlock said...

Yea it is! In all fairness though, my next purchases will be books ;)

darth tater said...