Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Return of Supreme Zed - Zed's NOT Dead

A while ago I posted about the death of Supreme Zed in a cabinet shelf accident.

Zed actually managed to fly - unfortunately it was only all the way to the floor of the cabinet.

Somehow (and for once it wasn't Cat related) the shelf on which my "in process" miniatures are kept decided to fall INSIDE the cabinet - bearing in mind there are only six miniatures on the shelf atm.

So he was stripped, re-based and undercoated - and then put away for a while, I consoled myself with painting some Malifaux miniatures.

I had to change my painting style a little for Zed, as the folks who know me well are aware - I like very "clean" looking models - but I wanted Zed to have a "dirty" and corrupt look about him.

The area's of colour were base coloured then roughly highlighted, then washed and highlighted till he looked how I wanted him to.

The colours were inspired by the packaging/original art, and I went for a more Bizarro than Zombie look for the face.

I will be carrying on with Twilight and Six Feet Under tonight!

I still have loads to do, I have to buy some foam-core for a new batch of Worldworks Terrain!


darth tater said...

Looking great my friend!

Doctor Warlock said...

Ta Muchly :D