Saturday, 10 July 2010

Super Villains

My "What The!" Miniatures order came today - Herr Totenkopf, a classic evil Nazi mastermind - armed with the Mauser C96 pistol.

Lets face it, he's the Red Skull LoL! Well sculpted by Aaron Brown. The casting is clean and accurate with no flash and no mold lines either.

Pulp City wise, he could quite happily "fit" into crossover games with AE-WWII or (at a pinch) do as a stand in for the Red Baron (the GenCon model from a few years back) - the Red Barons Cards can be found here - The Red Baron

AE-WWII wise, as the Red Skull was the result of scientific alteration - he will fit nicely into your Geneticists detachment as either a regular (if odd looking) SD Agent, or as a Super Villain using the guidelines from Over the Wire #15.

Here is an example of him painted, by the very talented Alden Miranda.

I also purchased another suitable villain, this time much more suited to my AE-WWII Games as my forces grow and my selection expands (as I plan to include Supremes in my Games).

Herr Flammender Schadel is a Nazi Superhero imbued with dark powers to aid in the destruction of the Fatherland's enemies.  He is equipped with a strange and powerful Nazi totem that gives him superhuman strength and that has transformed his head into the visage of a flaming skull.  He is also armed with a mystical MP40 and Honor Dagger that project this Nazi agent's powers to his doomed enemies. The mini was sculpted by Aaron Brown (these are the only two examples of his work I have encountered, and I love them both).

Again I really like this miniature, and can't wait to use him in a game - as an SS operative, especially considering his Occult Origins he fits right in!

Nice ghostly flames on the skull there, in a painted example by Michael Sehl.

At $4.50 each they are a steal IMHO - and I can't wait till they do more!

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