Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Iron Train (FINALLY)

I've FINALLY finished Iron Train (thanks to Leon helping me out with a spare to repair the Damaged base).

I used almost all metalics, and wanted him to look "bashed together" rather than slick - I felt that was the intention of the model anyway, so it made sense (well at least to me it did LoL).

I also wanted it to look a little rough and ready, so I used a lot of "oily" glazes here and there. Tamiya smoke is the best one I've ever used for this sort of thing.

The last thing I wanted was a (sort of) Iron Man tribute, hence me using Red and Gold on the model. I actually tried Metallic Red first - but it looked terrible, even with glazes/washed over the top.

I'm quite happy with him, I might go back and do the coals - the orangey shading on them is barely visible for some reason.

I REALLY want to finish Doctor Hadron and Tritonious before my Ulthars Arrive LoL!

Fingers crossed - he, he, he . . .

Friday, 27 August 2010

GenCon Miniatures

My GenCon Limited Editions arrived today, and (for once) I didn't get stung by customs (like I usually am with orders from the Cipher Online Store).

This years GenCon miniature was Rommel, and I have to say he looks even better "in the flesh" than in the picture of the Green - I just hope I can do him justice when I get around to painting him.

I also ordered the "Lab Rat" to use as the Scientist for my German Genetisist Force - I think its a MUCH nicer model, and a little creepy too LoL!

So, with the other great news I got today (check my Pulp City Planet Blog LoL) I'm in a REALLY good mood (for once).

Isn't the Internet Wonderful

Thanks to the networking capabilities of the Internet, I have managed to swap some Tau Plastics that I am NEVER going to do anything with for some Ulthar Miniatures that were available at GenCon (the guy somehow ended up with two lots) AND the elusive "Sex Star Six" for Spinespur!

So, with the other great news I got today (check my AE-War Extra Blog) I'm in a REALLY good mood (for once).

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Iron Fist Movie News

One of my personal Favourite Minor Marvel Characters is Iron Fist -

In the Marvel Universe, Daniel "Danny" Rand is the son of a wealthy explorer who trains in the martial arts and eventually gains the power of the legendary Iron Fist - a magical fighting power that gives him indestructible fists.

First using the power after his father's death, Rand continued to bear the mantle in the fight against evil.

I became aware of a POTENTIAL Iron Fist Movie a while ago, it seems now they are finally moving ahead with the project.

Marvel Studios has brought aboard Rich Wilkes (the "XXX" film series) to write the screenplay, who will adapt the story of Iron Fist, who first debuted in the 1970's, to the Big Screen.

Iron Fist was popularly teamed up with Luke Cage (Power Man), another minor character allegedly has his own film in development.

Plenty to look forward too!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Bases

I've been working on some new custom bases today, just to see what I can come up with.

The only real problem is they are coming out too tall, and stick out from the top of the lip of the base a little too much.

But I shall keep soldiering on.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

No Painting for me Last Night

No painting for me last night, I had the base colours in Tritonious, Hadron, and the Elder Grimm all ready to go then I had a big dissapointment.

I like painting in the evenings, its quiet and peaceful and I'm just not one of these people who can paint with a lot going on around him.

Anyway, back on point -

At the moment I am wondering if there is a truly secure way to store painted miniatures, all my Pulp City stuff is kept on a shelf (the most recent on my PC Tower were I can see they are safe) rather than a Case.

I can't see me EVER using a Case except as transport for my Pulp City Babies, especially after what happened to my Spinespur Miniatures.

8 MIniatures totally trashed, paint chipped off everywhere - AND THAT WAS INSIDE A FIGURE CASE!

Has anyone out there found the "perfect" Figure Case yet?

As I said, no painting for me last night -  my "hobby time" was spent stripping 3 Miniatures completely and (hopefully) saving the rest!

Friday, 20 August 2010


I really wanted Skyline to be “Batman” like, but I didn’t really want to use blue (again) on him.

After watching some early Justice League animated episodes, I noticed that the colours were a little off – and that Batmans “blues” (and Supermans for that matter) were leaning more towards the purple!

Overal I’m quite happy with him, but there were a couple of things I would have done differently (mainly the base).

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jade Hawk

I've finally finished Jade Hawk – she did come out a little darker than I had initially intended, I did want her to be "dark" – the idea of a bright and shiney ”rooftop avenger” doesn’t really work for me.

The matte varnish hasn’t reached all the creases and folds on the miniature but thats easily sorted, and (at least) she’s done. I think Matt would have approved.

Based her on a custom ”docklands” base, which was built from several "sources and will have a couple of layers of water effect in the ”recess” for added effect.

I’ve even ”pimped up” Solar a little, partly to bring him ”in line” with one of the pictures of him – but also because I want to do Captain Hadron all blues and white and didn't want a clash with Solar!! Plus I got rid of that bloody aweful Saveloy Sausage!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but my hands are really tired and achy today – and that makes me tremble. HOW TF I managed to blur the bottom of a picture and not the top I shall never know!

Sitting staring at me on my painting table are Hadron and Tritonious . . . . .

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Aaaargh . . . .

Aaaargh . . . .

My hands are killing me LoL - but must finish Jade Hawk . . . . .

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Captain Hadrons Symbol

Captain Hadrons chest symbol seems to be this -

So I shall "whip" out the Inkjet Transfer Paper, and get cracking!

More New Toys . . . . .

Many MANY thanks to Jim Dice from the Pulp City Forums for setting me up with some GenCon goodies I would have otherwise missed.

Captain Hadron (with Mini-Hadron) & Lady Cyburn, and Tritonius & Virgo.

I've wanted to expand my Heavy Metal Supremes for a while now, and the good Captain is exactly what I've been looking for really. He really does look "Super" and (despite many complaints from other miniature enthusiasts) I really REALLY like the "Heavy Metal" pose of the miniature (wonderfully duplicated in the "mini" miniature of Hadron).

I shant be going for the muted blue and red of the studio paint either, it will simply be too much alongside the blues & reds I plan on using on Tritonius - and even though when I paint Tritonius his colours will be brighter, much more like the Artwork (though I plan to make the blue much more vivid too) -

I think doing Hadron in a similar colour scheme will be a mistake, so I am going for something along the lines of this colour scheme -

Then there is the design on his chest? What is it, a stylized "H" with atoms cirling it?

I am also revisiting Solar this week, changing the colour of the Saveloy Sausage on his base (so it looks more like what its meant to be - a length of metal piping) and bringing him more in line with this -

So, plenty to do as usual!


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Painting Terrain

Just putting some final drybrushes and washes on my Snapdragon wilderness terrain (my hands bad tonight, but I wanted to at least do something).

Its "doing my head in" waiting for things to dry before moving onto the next stage!

Return to Kodo Island

I've been working upon a Scenario "Return to Kodo Island" where a bunch of Hero Supremes clash with a group of Villains over information held a Data disc hidden somewhere on the island.

I finished the "hut" last night, and glued together the furniture for the hut (courtesy of Old Crow/Ainsty).

All I need to do now is finish painting the Snapdragon terrain, texture the base-board and finish writing the scenario.

Return to Kodo Island will be my first Pulp City Battle-Report, so I hope it all works out!

Pictures soon!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning

Started planning my WorldWorks Pulp City Board properly today, my first attempt (I've only ever made buildings before, I've never tried doing the whole shibang) will be 2' x 2' (at the moment).

It will consist of a couple of streets, and buildings - POSSIBLY a Police Station (with a special custom piece on its roof).

My main problem is having an "area" to do it in, the weather has been too bad to do anything outdoors - and I don't have a Garage/Workshop!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Painting, Painting, Painting

I had a good long session yesterday evening, Trail is now 95% done, Skyline has most of the basework done and his Gargoyle nicely drybrushed up, and Jade Hawk is blocked in with the first shading washes on her.

My "Spandex Force" is now shaping up - Trail, Jade Hawk, Skyline, and Solar (of course).

Faction: Heroes
Encounter Level: 6

Jade Hawk (Level 1) + Police Scanner
Skyline (Level 1) + Rooftop Vigilantes
Solar (Level 2) + Ahau-Kin's Tiara
Trail (Level 2) + Force Field

Team Resources - Pulp City Cops

Total Levels: 6 
Allowed Resources: 6 
Used Resources: 6

Jade Hawk, Skyline, and Solars Resources are a given really - so no surpises there.

I took the Force Field on Trail to give him a little more durability - as I find Trail to be more than a little "fragile" during games when it comes to being hit. Plus Trail can be really useful (as anyone who has used him knows), and once your opponent figures this out - he tends to be a S**t Magnet!

You could quite easily swap out the Force Field for a First Aid kit though, which is another option - especially considering Trail could use the First Aid Kit to benefit another of his Team rather than just himself.

With 8 Levels of Supremes being the "sweet spot" for Games IMHO, Nuclear Jones is an obvious choice for me - he fits in with the theme, and having two "Fliers" can be a distinct advantage. Or I could throw the theme "out" a little, and take Iron Train - which might be a good Idea as I don't have any Bruisers!

Oh well, so much to do!

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Joys of New Toys

My Pulp City order arrived today, just a small one LoL!

Jade Hawk and Skyline, Silverager and Le Murtiple, and Chimp Chi - so I have the start of my A.R.C. (6 Levels to be precise LoL)

The Elder Grimm is lovely, but - to my surprise I also found the Digger Grimm! AWESOME!

Plus a couple more Post Cards (which I love and want to collect them all)!

Pulp City Painters

I've started a Pulp City Group over at Beasts of War, its a busy site - and I think its about time Pulp City had a "Presence" over there!

Go Join!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Gen Con 2010 Pulp City Interview

WOW! SUPREME (For want of another Word LoL)!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

GenCon Update

Things have by all accounts been going REALLY well at GenCon, Silverager was on the verge of being Sold-Out yesterday (I would imagine the last few went today), and there has been a LOT of interest in the upcoming Pulp City Game Guide!

I just wish I could have been there with all you guys!

New Daleks II

People are still "banging on" about the new Daleks not being scary looking anymore, I've NEVER found Daleks to be "scary looking" even when I was a Kid!

Daleks are scary because of what they are capable of not because of what they look like!

Is it just possible that people are so old and jaded new ideas/designs lose their impact on them.

Or maybe they have no joy left in their cold, dead, imaginations . . . .


I loved this, very subtle.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Painting, Painting

Still trundling on with the Dalek Drones, and finally finished preparing my Resin Police Box.

I just need to finish doing the transfers for the TARDIS before I start painting it.

GenCon and a Sneak Peek!

GenCon seems to be going well, with various "oohs" and "ahhs" from those who managed to attend.

Plus, a VERY exclusive sneak peek at the Pulp City Game Guide Cover, courtesy of fellow Pulp City Herald Larkin Vain!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Coming Soon - Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

I make no bones about the DC Universe being my favourite Comics Universe (followed closely by Project Superpowers), so every time a new DC Animated Movie is due I get really excited!

Due out 28th of September 2010 is Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Based on the DC Comics series/graphic novel “Superman/Batman: Supergirl” by Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner & Peter Steigerwald, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is produced by animation legend Bruce Timm and directed by Lauren Montgomery from a script by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Tab Murphy.

After a spaceship splashes down in Gotham City Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as those of the Man of Steel. The Kryptonian is soon revealed to be Kara, cousin of Superman, who takes her under his wing to educate her about the ways of Earth. However, the villainous Darkseid has other plans. Seeing an opportunity to finally defeat Superman, Darkseid abducts and gains control of Kara, utilizing the powerful Kryptonian to do his bidding. It’s up to Batman and Superman to save Kara, but they’ll have to take the fight to Darkseid within his hostile world – where unknown, deadly threats lurk around every corner, including a brainwashed Kryptonian able to match Superman blow-for-blow.

The Voice Talents of Andre Braugher, Summer Glau, & Ed Asner join Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy who are back doing the voices of Superman and Batman.

I am really REALLY looking forward to this release, especially as it has a Green Arrow "Showcase" Short on the Disc with it!

To Build or Not to Build

My current paper Terrain that I have been using for Pulp City is looking really tired now, I've had it a while and even though it was built out of card-stock its seen better days.

So, I am looking to building new Terrain for Pulp City - but there are a few criteria for what I want/need.

1 - I want to use the WorldWorks stuff I have, I like the WW Streets of Mayhem a lot. Its bright and colourful, and has the right "Comic Book" feel to it.

2 - I want it to be more durable, the main idea is to mount it all on foam core art-board - even though thats going to be expensive I think it will be worth it.

Also I plan to actually laminate the base-tiles ONTO the board, and cover them with clear plastic. I noticed recently how much the playing "surface" of the terrain gets really scratched and knocked about.

3 - Height, I want the buildings to have height this time around. I have Skyline and Jade Hawk on the way so I think height is a biggy.

4 - Modular. I plan on making the "levels" of each building modular, so I can build the buildings tall for one game - and then short for the next - or any combination of the two!

So there are my thoughts, all I have to do now is plan it out properly - and build it LoL!

AE-Bounty Buildings

I've been working on some buildings, using the Platformer Sets.

Glued together, mounted on plasticard (expensive I know - but longer lasting than board or card) - with bits of extra "furniture" added for effect.

The plan is they will be suitable for general AE-Bounty games, Stargate Games (I have LOADS of Stargate Miniatures, including a resin Death Glider), Firefly, even Star Wars at a pinch (all using the AE-Bounty rules of course).

Pictures of the first buildings "in the raw" to come
My Good Friend Luke Giles did this in response to the new Dalek haters out there!


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Rant Against the New Dalek Haters . . . . . .

Is it just possible that these people are so bloody old and jaded new ideas/designs such as the new Daleks are losing their "impact" on them.

They really should act their age and not their shoe size and realize sometimes things in life change and not always to their liking.

The inspiration for the new Dalek design was the bright and colourful Dalek look from the old Peter Cushing Movies, and I think they pull that off nicely.

There are those who complain the new Daleks aren't scary - Daleks have NEVER been scary because of what they look like, but rather because of what they are capable of. (Being the Ultimate Alien Space Fascists that they are LoL)

Then there are those who are so vehemently up in arms over the merchandising ascpet, making all their many mean spirited accusations at the BBC – they need to realize that at the end of the day the BBC is still a business, just like any other. That the license fee barely covers the expense of TV Production each year, so anything that generates income for them is a good thing.

Or would they rather Doctor who didn't get made - if Doctor Who isn't profitable (and that includes merchandising) production will stop.

So if you actually think about it all the curmudgeons out there moaning about the new Dalek design are pretty much "willing" Doctor Who to fail – that’s so kind of them . . . . .

I've been a Doctor Who fan since the 60's, and I think the new Daleks are lovely, getting back to looking THE WAY THEY DID BEFORE - with different colours designating different Daleks. In the second Peter Cushing Doctor Who Movie - Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD (1965),for example, we had –

Red Daleks – which were Saucer Commanders

Silver/Pale Blue Daleks – which were Drone/Warrior Daleks

Black Daleks – which were Supreme Commander Daleks

If you look back through Dalek “history” in Movies and TV we have had – Silver Daleks, Gun-Metal Grey Daleks, Gold Daleks, Black & Gold Daleks, Black Daleks with White Sensor Globes, Black Daleks with Silver Sensor Globes, Black Daleks with Silver & Gold Sensor Globes, Pure-Black Daleks, Dalek Primes which were Beige and Gold, Emperor Daleks which were Silver and Black and another Emperor which was various shades of Gold, The “Davros” or Imperial Daleks which were Cream & Gold, the “Time War” Daleks (or Steampunk Daleks as I like to call them, because they are all “Bronze & Rivets”) which were Bronzes & Golds, and the Red/Gold Supreme Dalek.

So bright and Varied Colours are nothing new, but those complaining are “conveniently” ignoring the fact.

The Bronze "Steam Punk" half-breed Daleks were OK as a temporary replacement, but the new Daleks are much nicer looking and more in the style of the originals.

Some folks have complained the silhouette is too different, the silhouette isn't that much different to be frank – and those who complain it is are clutching at straws really.

The "neck" slats are gone, replaced by two horizontal "strips" so now that area is a lot like the original Dalek design from "The Dead Planet”.

One guy even wanted people to "Boycott merchandise based on the New Daleks and refuse to buy them for your kids etc. This is the one that may actually make the BBC pay attention" - this one ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud.

The new Daleks have sold MILLIONS of units, so few people agree with you compared to those who actually appreciate the new design, they are "pi**ing in the wind" with this idea.

Instead of wasting their time on such a puerile and pathetic campaign, why not do something productive.

They say they are campaigning for the return of real Daleks, I say they are wasting their time - they are already here. The REAL Daleks are Back - and I love em!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Little Work

Did a little work on getting my Bounty miniatures cleaned up and based, they are lovely sculpts with little or no flash (like all Darkson Miniatures).

Still dissapointed over the customs thing, and HOPING that someone in the UK will pick up the line and make it easier for me to get a hold of them.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

IDalek Red Drone

This is just a "shakey" in progress shot, as you can see - the shoulder trim, neck ridges, and sensor balls all have to be darkened.

A lot of people have made the mistake of just painting those areas a dark flat grey - when in actuality they are a medium metalic grey. Thanks to the citadel Badab Black wash - its just a case of layering the glazes till you get the right colour!

One on the way, 5 more to go LoL!