Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Iron Train (FINALLY)

I've FINALLY finished Iron Train (thanks to Leon helping me out with a spare to repair the Damaged base).

I used almost all metalics, and wanted him to look "bashed together" rather than slick - I felt that was the intention of the model anyway, so it made sense (well at least to me it did LoL).

I also wanted it to look a little rough and ready, so I used a lot of "oily" glazes here and there. Tamiya smoke is the best one I've ever used for this sort of thing.

The last thing I wanted was a (sort of) Iron Man tribute, hence me using Red and Gold on the model. I actually tried Metallic Red first - but it looked terrible, even with glazes/washed over the top.

I'm quite happy with him, I might go back and do the coals - the orangey shading on them is barely visible for some reason.

I REALLY want to finish Doctor Hadron and Tritonious before my Ulthars Arrive LoL!

Fingers crossed - he, he, he . . .

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