Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jade Hawk

I've finally finished Jade Hawk – she did come out a little darker than I had initially intended, I did want her to be "dark" – the idea of a bright and shiney ”rooftop avenger” doesn’t really work for me.

The matte varnish hasn’t reached all the creases and folds on the miniature but thats easily sorted, and (at least) she’s done. I think Matt would have approved.

Based her on a custom ”docklands” base, which was built from several "sources and will have a couple of layers of water effect in the ”recess” for added effect.

I’ve even ”pimped up” Solar a little, partly to bring him ”in line” with one of the pictures of him – but also because I want to do Captain Hadron all blues and white and didn't want a clash with Solar!! Plus I got rid of that bloody aweful Saveloy Sausage!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but my hands are really tired and achy today – and that makes me tremble. HOW TF I managed to blur the bottom of a picture and not the top I shall never know!

Sitting staring at me on my painting table are Hadron and Tritonious . . . . .

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