Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More New Toys . . . . .

Many MANY thanks to Jim Dice from the Pulp City Forums for setting me up with some GenCon goodies I would have otherwise missed.

Captain Hadron (with Mini-Hadron) & Lady Cyburn, and Tritonius & Virgo.

I've wanted to expand my Heavy Metal Supremes for a while now, and the good Captain is exactly what I've been looking for really. He really does look "Super" and (despite many complaints from other miniature enthusiasts) I really REALLY like the "Heavy Metal" pose of the miniature (wonderfully duplicated in the "mini" miniature of Hadron).

I shant be going for the muted blue and red of the studio paint either, it will simply be too much alongside the blues & reds I plan on using on Tritonius - and even though when I paint Tritonius his colours will be brighter, much more like the Artwork (though I plan to make the blue much more vivid too) -

I think doing Hadron in a similar colour scheme will be a mistake, so I am going for something along the lines of this colour scheme -

Then there is the design on his chest? What is it, a stylized "H" with atoms cirling it?

I am also revisiting Solar this week, changing the colour of the Saveloy Sausage on his base (so it looks more like what its meant to be - a length of metal piping) and bringing him more in line with this -

So, plenty to do as usual!



darth tater said...

Lucky bugger!
Lol :)

Doctor Warlock said...

I am that, I readily admit it.