Saturday, 21 August 2010

No Painting for me Last Night

No painting for me last night, I had the base colours in Tritonious, Hadron, and the Elder Grimm all ready to go then I had a big dissapointment.

I like painting in the evenings, its quiet and peaceful and I'm just not one of these people who can paint with a lot going on around him.

Anyway, back on point -

At the moment I am wondering if there is a truly secure way to store painted miniatures, all my Pulp City stuff is kept on a shelf (the most recent on my PC Tower were I can see they are safe) rather than a Case.

I can't see me EVER using a Case except as transport for my Pulp City Babies, especially after what happened to my Spinespur Miniatures.

8 MIniatures totally trashed, paint chipped off everywhere - AND THAT WAS INSIDE A FIGURE CASE!

Has anyone out there found the "perfect" Figure Case yet?

As I said, no painting for me last night -  my "hobby time" was spent stripping 3 Miniatures completely and (hopefully) saving the rest!


darth tater said...

That sucks mate!

Doctor Warlock said...

Its a total git, and set me back Spinespur wise!