Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Painting, Painting, Painting

I had a good long session yesterday evening, Trail is now 95% done, Skyline has most of the basework done and his Gargoyle nicely drybrushed up, and Jade Hawk is blocked in with the first shading washes on her.

My "Spandex Force" is now shaping up - Trail, Jade Hawk, Skyline, and Solar (of course).

Faction: Heroes
Encounter Level: 6

Jade Hawk (Level 1) + Police Scanner
Skyline (Level 1) + Rooftop Vigilantes
Solar (Level 2) + Ahau-Kin's Tiara
Trail (Level 2) + Force Field

Team Resources - Pulp City Cops

Total Levels: 6 
Allowed Resources: 6 
Used Resources: 6

Jade Hawk, Skyline, and Solars Resources are a given really - so no surpises there.

I took the Force Field on Trail to give him a little more durability - as I find Trail to be more than a little "fragile" during games when it comes to being hit. Plus Trail can be really useful (as anyone who has used him knows), and once your opponent figures this out - he tends to be a S**t Magnet!

You could quite easily swap out the Force Field for a First Aid kit though, which is another option - especially considering Trail could use the First Aid Kit to benefit another of his Team rather than just himself.

With 8 Levels of Supremes being the "sweet spot" for Games IMHO, Nuclear Jones is an obvious choice for me - he fits in with the theme, and having two "Fliers" can be a distinct advantage. Or I could throw the theme "out" a little, and take Iron Train - which might be a good Idea as I don't have any Bruisers!

Oh well, so much to do!

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