Thursday, 12 August 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning

Started planning my WorldWorks Pulp City Board properly today, my first attempt (I've only ever made buildings before, I've never tried doing the whole shibang) will be 2' x 2' (at the moment).

It will consist of a couple of streets, and buildings - POSSIBLY a Police Station (with a special custom piece on its roof).

My main problem is having an "area" to do it in, the weather has been too bad to do anything outdoors - and I don't have a Garage/Workshop!


darth tater said...

yeah, where the hell did summer go?!?!?!?!?!?????
I've got a 3x3 board ready for pulp just need to work out how to and what woldworks stuff to use!
I like the idea of a hospital.....ready for zombie gaming :)

Doctor Warlock said...

Im going for a 2 X 2 initially, mostly because I want to test out what I am going to do, as I have never mounted WW stuff on foamcore before (just straight wobbly card LoL) - then IF it works out OK it can be my Demo board ;)

Then (when more confident with the idea) move on to doing a 3 x 3 board :D