Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A Rant Against the New Dalek Haters . . . . . .

Is it just possible that these people are so bloody old and jaded new ideas/designs such as the new Daleks are losing their "impact" on them.

They really should act their age and not their shoe size and realize sometimes things in life change and not always to their liking.

The inspiration for the new Dalek design was the bright and colourful Dalek look from the old Peter Cushing Movies, and I think they pull that off nicely.

There are those who complain the new Daleks aren't scary - Daleks have NEVER been scary because of what they look like, but rather because of what they are capable of. (Being the Ultimate Alien Space Fascists that they are LoL)

Then there are those who are so vehemently up in arms over the merchandising ascpet, making all their many mean spirited accusations at the BBC – they need to realize that at the end of the day the BBC is still a business, just like any other. That the license fee barely covers the expense of TV Production each year, so anything that generates income for them is a good thing.

Or would they rather Doctor who didn't get made - if Doctor Who isn't profitable (and that includes merchandising) production will stop.

So if you actually think about it all the curmudgeons out there moaning about the new Dalek design are pretty much "willing" Doctor Who to fail – that’s so kind of them . . . . .

I've been a Doctor Who fan since the 60's, and I think the new Daleks are lovely, getting back to looking THE WAY THEY DID BEFORE - with different colours designating different Daleks. In the second Peter Cushing Doctor Who Movie - Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD (1965),for example, we had –

Red Daleks – which were Saucer Commanders

Silver/Pale Blue Daleks – which were Drone/Warrior Daleks

Black Daleks – which were Supreme Commander Daleks

If you look back through Dalek “history” in Movies and TV we have had – Silver Daleks, Gun-Metal Grey Daleks, Gold Daleks, Black & Gold Daleks, Black Daleks with White Sensor Globes, Black Daleks with Silver Sensor Globes, Black Daleks with Silver & Gold Sensor Globes, Pure-Black Daleks, Dalek Primes which were Beige and Gold, Emperor Daleks which were Silver and Black and another Emperor which was various shades of Gold, The “Davros” or Imperial Daleks which were Cream & Gold, the “Time War” Daleks (or Steampunk Daleks as I like to call them, because they are all “Bronze & Rivets”) which were Bronzes & Golds, and the Red/Gold Supreme Dalek.

So bright and Varied Colours are nothing new, but those complaining are “conveniently” ignoring the fact.

The Bronze "Steam Punk" half-breed Daleks were OK as a temporary replacement, but the new Daleks are much nicer looking and more in the style of the originals.

Some folks have complained the silhouette is too different, the silhouette isn't that much different to be frank – and those who complain it is are clutching at straws really.

The "neck" slats are gone, replaced by two horizontal "strips" so now that area is a lot like the original Dalek design from "The Dead Planet”.

One guy even wanted people to "Boycott merchandise based on the New Daleks and refuse to buy them for your kids etc. This is the one that may actually make the BBC pay attention" - this one ACTUALLY made me laugh out loud.

The new Daleks have sold MILLIONS of units, so few people agree with you compared to those who actually appreciate the new design, they are "pi**ing in the wind" with this idea.

Instead of wasting their time on such a puerile and pathetic campaign, why not do something productive.

They say they are campaigning for the return of real Daleks, I say they are wasting their time - they are already here. The REAL Daleks are Back - and I love em!

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