Thursday, 5 August 2010

To Build or Not to Build

My current paper Terrain that I have been using for Pulp City is looking really tired now, I've had it a while and even though it was built out of card-stock its seen better days.

So, I am looking to building new Terrain for Pulp City - but there are a few criteria for what I want/need.

1 - I want to use the WorldWorks stuff I have, I like the WW Streets of Mayhem a lot. Its bright and colourful, and has the right "Comic Book" feel to it.

2 - I want it to be more durable, the main idea is to mount it all on foam core art-board - even though thats going to be expensive I think it will be worth it.

Also I plan to actually laminate the base-tiles ONTO the board, and cover them with clear plastic. I noticed recently how much the playing "surface" of the terrain gets really scratched and knocked about.

3 - Height, I want the buildings to have height this time around. I have Skyline and Jade Hawk on the way so I think height is a biggy.

4 - Modular. I plan on making the "levels" of each building modular, so I can build the buildings tall for one game - and then short for the next - or any combination of the two!

So there are my thoughts, all I have to do now is plan it out properly - and build it LoL!

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darth tater said...

looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
I would like to do something similar :)