Thursday, 23 September 2010


Well the bandage/strap is off, I am now down to one of those support bandage thingies (with the hole cut out for my thumb) so I am going to attempt some "hobby" work tonight.

Just some gluing and such, PLUS a tutorial on a cool thing to do with Sentry Bots (I hope it works LoL).

SO MUCH TO DO (and now catch up with LoL)!

Monday, 20 September 2010


My Ulthar Trade came today, and I must say I am very impressed - Clean Castings, no flash and everything fits together beautifully!


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

The Hospital visit went well, I'm just bandaged now - still sore though!

Watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse - its a rip-roring romp through the DC Universe and carries on pretty much directly from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies!

HOWEVER, upon saying that - if you haven't seen Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, its not too much of a problem.

10/10 - up to the usual DC Animated Movies Standard!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Off to the Hospital

Off to the Hospital in an hour!

Should have some "news" then.

Monday, 13 September 2010


The "no hobby" thing is killing me, I'm REALLY missing it. Even with my "new improved" bandage, I can't grip securely or hold anything for long without it aching to a degree which is more than I can handle.

I tried painting with the "helping hands", but I just couldn't do it - its really difficult for me to manage one handed LoL!

On the bright said - I am back at the Hospital on Wednesday, I'm hoping for some good news then.

Friday, 10 September 2010

How Great Are They . . . . .

I actually took the strap off today, it was paining me much more than the original injury.

They had managed to strap my thumb up so it was slightly twisted, the releif when I took their bandaging off was incredible.

Linda strapped it up for me PROPERLY this time, and in a way that offers a little movement (so hopefully I can do a little hobby work).

I can't believe so called "health care professionals" could make such a mistake - what if they had done that to someone with a more serious injury!

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well, thats my painting buggered for a while!

My left hand/thumb had had to be strapped up (and is VERY sore), I managed to twist my left thumb (and bear in mind this was painful already) backwards almost out of its socket.

Its not too bad, mainly just midipalmar tendon damage - but the Doctors are a little worried because thats the hand I have the most problems with normally (usually just pain, stiffness, and it locks sometimes).

The overall result is I can't hold anything in my left hand atm, because the way its strapped up I can't grip anything properly!

I've bought a "helping hand" to hold the miniatures whilst I paint, but I have to admit I really REALLY don't like it - I'm slow painting thesedays anyway.

But I'm even slower with the (not so) helping hand!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Germans Stuck Together

Good Old Rommell inspired me to finish assembling my Germans, and to decide on a final List.

Even though I have enough non "unusual" troops to do a regular German Infantry Detachment, I opted to go for an Experimental Detachment as I wanted to use a couple of abomination unit choices - but didn't want to take up a Slot with a Mad Doktor (I wanted to use the Veteran slot for a Wehrmacht Sniper).

So here is my list I want to paint (yea right atm LoL) -

German Experimental Detachment

1 Elite Selection
1 SD Agent - Hero (MP40/Pistol/Grenades)

1 Veteran Selection
1 Wehrmacht Sniper (StG44 + Vampyr Scope/Pistol/Grenades)

3 Regular Selections
2 Wehrmacht Soldiers (KAR98k/Grenades)
2 Wehrmacht Soldiers (StG44/Grenades)
1 Strumaffe - Storm Ape

2 Green Selections
3 Volkssturm Militia (GEW 43)
3 Abgezhertsoldat - Emaciated Troopers (Mechanical Claws)

Special Order
Coordinated Attack

I wanted to take Coordinated Attack as my Special Order for one simple reason - I know damn well the Storm Ape is going to be a s**t magnet - so I want to get him up close to the opposing force as quickly as possible whilst giving him some support whilst doing so. Allowing me to move him and another unit together early on in a game should facilitate this (at least in theory).

I'm quite chuffed actually, I've now reached the point where I can say "no more proxies" for me ;)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys

Well, the frustration of the Pulp City Store got to me today LoL!

So I ordered some bits off a guy on Ebay, the PLUS side is he had got a 20% off thing going on.

Just another pair of Sentry Bots, and Chronin & Dr Mercury (so I can test my new Vallejo Silvers).

Not much else to report today, I've not been too well this last week with one thing and another.

Plus EVERYTHING has gotten in the way of me doing ANY Hobby Stuff at all!