Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well, thats my painting buggered for a while!

My left hand/thumb had had to be strapped up (and is VERY sore), I managed to twist my left thumb (and bear in mind this was painful already) backwards almost out of its socket.

Its not too bad, mainly just midipalmar tendon damage - but the Doctors are a little worried because thats the hand I have the most problems with normally (usually just pain, stiffness, and it locks sometimes).

The overall result is I can't hold anything in my left hand atm, because the way its strapped up I can't grip anything properly!

I've bought a "helping hand" to hold the miniatures whilst I paint, but I have to admit I really REALLY don't like it - I'm slow painting thesedays anyway.

But I'm even slower with the (not so) helping hand!


Weird Chris said...

If Michael Perry can do it, so can you! :P

Seriously though, tough luck Doc! Here's hoping you get better soon!


Doctor Warlock said...

Lol Chris, good one!

I'm TRYING to paint atm (Malifaux) but its REALLY hard going!

darth tater said...

That's some bad news mate! Hope it gets better soon, and you keep cranking out quality mini's!