Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Germans Stuck Together

Good Old Rommell inspired me to finish assembling my Germans, and to decide on a final List.

Even though I have enough non "unusual" troops to do a regular German Infantry Detachment, I opted to go for an Experimental Detachment as I wanted to use a couple of abomination unit choices - but didn't want to take up a Slot with a Mad Doktor (I wanted to use the Veteran slot for a Wehrmacht Sniper).

So here is my list I want to paint (yea right atm LoL) -

German Experimental Detachment

1 Elite Selection
1 SD Agent - Hero (MP40/Pistol/Grenades)

1 Veteran Selection
1 Wehrmacht Sniper (StG44 + Vampyr Scope/Pistol/Grenades)

3 Regular Selections
2 Wehrmacht Soldiers (KAR98k/Grenades)
2 Wehrmacht Soldiers (StG44/Grenades)
1 Strumaffe - Storm Ape

2 Green Selections
3 Volkssturm Militia (GEW 43)
3 Abgezhertsoldat - Emaciated Troopers (Mechanical Claws)

Special Order
Coordinated Attack

I wanted to take Coordinated Attack as my Special Order for one simple reason - I know damn well the Storm Ape is going to be a s**t magnet - so I want to get him up close to the opposing force as quickly as possible whilst giving him some support whilst doing so. Allowing me to move him and another unit together early on in a game should facilitate this (at least in theory).

I'm quite chuffed actually, I've now reached the point where I can say "no more proxies" for me ;)

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