Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys

Well, the frustration of the Pulp City Store got to me today LoL!

So I ordered some bits off a guy on Ebay, the PLUS side is he had got a 20% off thing going on.

Just another pair of Sentry Bots, and Chronin & Dr Mercury (so I can test my new Vallejo Silvers).

Not much else to report today, I've not been too well this last week with one thing and another.

Plus EVERYTHING has gotten in the way of me doing ANY Hobby Stuff at all!


Weird Chris said...

Let us know how the silver goes, I have yet to find an effective method of painting the colour and it's defeat of me is getting irritating!

Doctor Warlock said...

Chris, one of the new Vallejo Silvers I bought is the Air Colour Chrome - its very fluid (as its designed for Air Brushes) and its VERY bright! One of the other options (again Vallejo) is the Liquid Gold range, its alchohol based and really bright!

You'll be able to see what it looks like soon enough - I'm using it on Captain Hadron atm!

darth tater said...

Thought you'd been quiet lately......Lol