Friday, 26 November 2010

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A friend of mine was bemoaning the lack of decent reading comic wise, how he missed the "Bronze Age" of Comics - and how the 90's ruined it all by putting the reader in the position of needing to buy dozens of Titles just to follow one Story-Arc.

The "Bronze Age" was indeed a great era for comics - limited series, and stories compressed within one or possibly two titles.

I grew up loving these and the "Silver Age" titles - then "discovered" the wonderful "Golden Age" (I do not hide the fact I am a "Golden Age" Whore LoL) later on.

If like my friend - you are THAT disenchanted try the following:

Project Superpowers - The series resurrects a number of Golden Age superheroes originally published by companies including Fox Comics, Crestwood Publications and Nedor Comics, many of whom are in the public domain, including the protagonist, Fighting Yank. Golden Age Heroes with bronze age sensibilities in the writing.

Irredeemable - This reminds me of the many MANY spinoff/alternate timeline stories we used to get in the Bronze Age of Comics. The story revolves around the premise of "how does a man go from being the world’s greatest superhero to its greatest supervillain? It tips "nods" to DC and Marvel, whilst retaining its own "reality" - its REALLY worth the effort to read.

Hellboy - ANYTHING Mignola is tops for me, Im a HUGE Hellboy/BPRD Fan (and a total Mignola Whore) he REALLY understands the nature of comic writing. If you can find them, the Hellboy crossovers are amazing.

NOTICE - the TOTAL Lack of DC/Marvel choices. The moden titles just arent worth it. I LOVED the Ultraverse Titles, Marvel bought them out and killed them - I was GUTTED!

There is plenty of great stuff out there, you just need to look around and try something a little different.

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