Monday, 27 December 2010

Web Store news and Price Changes

Morf over at the Pulp City Forums posted that the new Pulp City Webstore is now up and running -

However, there was some more serious news with the fun news - the price of the tin went up by 50% ever since he started the Pulp Monsters venture. His last casting bill was a "big Un".

This meant some prices needed to be adjusted.

He also I got the raises on every possible service, starting with painting and sculpting and through to webhosting.

The raises are not that bad though, to be honest.

Most of the two-packs from now on will be 13.99 Euros, that is still only 6.99 Euros per miniature (produced by the best sculptors out there) still less or comparable to other skirmishe games.

The Biggest changes were with the heaviest items, the price hiked for these from 17.99 Euros to 19.99 Euros.

HOWEVER - IMHO - you pay for what you get for, y'know.

Morf said that "For a skirmish game, your prices are still comparable", but if you look at the prices for Named Characters for the Mass Wargames - the prices are excellent by comparison there as well.

When you consider ALL the Models in Pulp City are "Named Characters". Thats when the price comparison really shines through!

A Games Workshop "Named Character" for Warhammer 40,000 (for example) will run you 15+ Euros, thats more than 1 Euro more for a Single GW Model than a Pulp City Twin Pack!

Heck a Plastic Space Marine Commander costs 17.50 Euros FFS! (and he's not even a Named Character, just some grunt officer) and hes STILL more expensive!

An "Average" 1,500 point Space Marine Army will have 3 or so Officer or Character Type models in it (more in my Experience of running tournaments for GW - if the beardy bastards can "ram" then into their lists, they will!) - Usually 2 "HQs" consisting of (in the case of a Space Marine Player) - a Captain or Special Character, a Chaplain or Librarian (for "kill" Power), and a Techmarine filling an Elites Slot.

Running a you cost of 47,40 Euros! AND thats without the Cost of the Rest of the Force!

You can STILL buy a 5 Model Starter Set for Pulp City for 29,99 Euros, and my oppo Johns 6 Level "Good Guys" (Virgo & Tritonious and Captain Hadron & Lady Cyburn) only came to 27,98 Euros! 19.42 Euros LESS with nothing more to Buy (unless he wants to, and he will LoL!) with 1 additional Miniature by Comparison!!!

LASTLY the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook will run you a WHOPPING 50,00 Euros (yes, I know its a big book - but its ugly and badly laid out), whereas the Pulp City Rulebook is just 24,99 Euros (and is all FULL colour).

When you consider that smaller companies have a reputation for charging more, its kinda impressive when you make the Comparison - Don't You Think?

I went for 40k in my initial comparison purely and simply because its the most popular Wargame on the Market (and you can play it at Skirmish level anyway if you want) - and to use "Named Characters" will cost you a LOT more.

I've established a 4 Man Force costs around 27,98 Euros - lets "compare" it then.

LOGICALLY the only game one can really compare it too is Anima Tactics, or possibly the upcoming "Relic Knights" from Soda Pop Miniatures (I can't fairly compare AE-WWI it uses a larger number of miniatures, and fewer Named Characters).

Price wise, the Anima Tactics range CAN be a little more expensive (though not as bad as GW Prices) - and I find (personally) the concepts and designs are all over the place, with little or no unifying concept. Leaving them ugly and a little less satisfying. Also, I have had a LOT of Miscast problems with Anima Tactics - whereas I have only ever had one with Pulp City (Silveragers feet).

4 Anima Tactics miniatures will run to around $41.96 (I used 4 Neutral Faction models, Akio Kageshima/Bella/Celia/Damien) - that roughly converts to 31.91 Euros.

So, AGAIN More Expensive!

If you went for Soda Pop Miniatures (and I do have to admit I like these) the prices are a little crazy.

Prices range from $12.95 (9.85 Euros) to $17.95 (13.65 Euros) - so if you take the prices of two $12.95 Miniatures, one $14.95 Miniature, and one $17.95 Miniature - you are looking at $58.80 for a 4 Man Force - thats a WHOPPING 44.70 Euros!

So Morf really REALLY doesn't have anything to apologise for!

Friday, 24 December 2010


Anyone who knows me, is aware that Solar is my FAVOURITE Pulp City Character, AND there is a New Solar Miniature coming!

HOLY CRAP BATMAN - Thats Stunning!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Pulp City Guide & Team Selection

My Pulp City Guide came today (thanks Morf) the outer packaging was utterly Trashed - but the Book is in perfect condition!

The Dice Gods were smiling today!

I shall be reading it tonight after Dinner!

My gaming buddy John now has some Heroes! Just 6 Levels (2 level twos and 2 level ones) - but its a start!

Johns Heroes

Tritonious (Level I)
Virgo (Level II)
Lady Cyburn (Level I)
Captain Hadron (Level II

I could do "full" Ulthar, or a mix like John has!

Full Ulthar is Difficult choice-wise, especially with the Models released so Far (they have only released 3 level II's and 2 Level I's so far)

So I would have to go for -
Xyllian, Master Sagitttarius (Level II)
Stormblades, Libra Sensei (Level II) ,
The Gemini "Twins" (X&Y - 2 Level I's)

Leaving Gorgoroth the Taurus Captain out (as he's not actually an Ulthar, but rather a Member of a Slave Race). Painting involved here, I haven't even assembled them yet!

Or I could just go "Villains" -
Hellsmith (Level II)
Sanguine (Day - Level I, and hope I get enough night points to make him Vamp out)
Supreme Zed (Zed's Dead - Level II)
The Gentleman (Level I)

The best part about that list its all painted, unless I want to take the Special Edition Gentleman with a Sniper Rifle, then I need to dig out my paints (which are packed away) and paint him LoL!

OR A combination of the above two - giving me a Mixed Team similar to Johns Heroes.

My LAST option would be an Entirely A.R.C. Team (Apes Revolutionary Commitee) - But I would need to do a LOT of Painting then!
Guerilla (Level II)
Le Murtiple (Level I)
Silverager (Level II)
Chimp-Chi (Level I)

But as I'm not "comfortable" with A.R.C. yet (not having played a full game with an entirely A.R.C. Team), thats a "no-go" for me atm.

I STILL need to do some proper terrain, I'm still thinking of using the World Works stuff (at least initially) - then maybe buying some Plasticville later on!

BTW - for those who don't know yet, they are producing a Giant Captain Hadron soon too!