Monday, 20 December 2010

Pulp City Guide & Team Selection

My Pulp City Guide came today (thanks Morf) the outer packaging was utterly Trashed - but the Book is in perfect condition!

The Dice Gods were smiling today!

I shall be reading it tonight after Dinner!

My gaming buddy John now has some Heroes! Just 6 Levels (2 level twos and 2 level ones) - but its a start!

Johns Heroes

Tritonious (Level I)
Virgo (Level II)
Lady Cyburn (Level I)
Captain Hadron (Level II

I could do "full" Ulthar, or a mix like John has!

Full Ulthar is Difficult choice-wise, especially with the Models released so Far (they have only released 3 level II's and 2 Level I's so far)

So I would have to go for -
Xyllian, Master Sagitttarius (Level II)
Stormblades, Libra Sensei (Level II) ,
The Gemini "Twins" (X&Y - 2 Level I's)

Leaving Gorgoroth the Taurus Captain out (as he's not actually an Ulthar, but rather a Member of a Slave Race). Painting involved here, I haven't even assembled them yet!

Or I could just go "Villains" -
Hellsmith (Level II)
Sanguine (Day - Level I, and hope I get enough night points to make him Vamp out)
Supreme Zed (Zed's Dead - Level II)
The Gentleman (Level I)

The best part about that list its all painted, unless I want to take the Special Edition Gentleman with a Sniper Rifle, then I need to dig out my paints (which are packed away) and paint him LoL!

OR A combination of the above two - giving me a Mixed Team similar to Johns Heroes.

My LAST option would be an Entirely A.R.C. Team (Apes Revolutionary Commitee) - But I would need to do a LOT of Painting then!
Guerilla (Level II)
Le Murtiple (Level I)
Silverager (Level II)
Chimp-Chi (Level I)

But as I'm not "comfortable" with A.R.C. yet (not having played a full game with an entirely A.R.C. Team), thats a "no-go" for me atm.

I STILL need to do some proper terrain, I'm still thinking of using the World Works stuff (at least initially) - then maybe buying some Plasticville later on!

BTW - for those who don't know yet, they are producing a Giant Captain Hadron soon too!


superherofigurehunter said...

Re: terrain; if you want to go papercraft, then there are lot of freebies out there from some good manufaturers; enought thta with a bit of good scalpel work you could create a varied board very easily.

Some links from this post:

And search papercraft on my blog for other links.

Doctor Warlock said...

LoL! Thanks, BUT - I've got ALL the Mayhem Stuff from Worldworks!