Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Cape (Further Thoughts)

Five Episodes in, The Cape is really settling into the swing of things - Characters become more established, plot lines are allowed to develop, and things are comfortably familiar to regular viewers.

Episode 5 "Dice" - Introduces a couple of nice revalations that I assume (and hope) will be explored fully as the series progresses.

It seems like Peter Flemings alter ego Chess, is more than just a cover for his more criminal activities - but rather a "Mister Hyde" style personality that takes over Flemings body from time to time.

It almost seems like Max Malini, head of the Carnival of Crime - ACTUALLY KNEW that Vince was destined to become The Cape - that he has some form of "Map" to the future, whether this Map merely refers to the Cape is not known (yet) - but I am REALLY interested to see where that goes in the future.

Some people I have chatted to were a little dissapointed by the pilot, they found it naieve and simplistic - but I'm starting to think that was intentional; and that now we are starting to see more complex undercurrents to the characters and the plot-lines.

Stick with The Cape, because I think the best is yet to come!

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Trey said...

I agree that it seems the Cape was less naive than it first appeared. I also find it refreshing that it sort of wears its "pulpishness"on its sleeve, rather than being embarassed by costumes and crime carnivals and the like.