Sunday, 20 March 2011

American Experimental Detachment

After finally re-basing all my Yanks on Fenris Resin Bases (so they match my Pulp City Miniatures) I have COMPLETELY run out of Resin Bases now LoL!

So, here is my American Experimental Detachment - now undercoated and ready to paint (god knows how long that is going to take with my hands LoL)

1 Elite Selection
Oss Agent (Elite Infantry - Hero/Individual)
Doctor Anthony Wolf Jr.
Hero Type - Brute (Going for a "Doc Savage" feel)

1 Veteran Selection
Buffalo Power Armour (Veteran Tesla Device – Individual)
Sergeant Kyle "Crazy Horse" Kowalski

3 Regular Selections
2 US Airborne (Regular Infantry – Squad)
Privates Smith and Jones
2 US Rocket Troops (Regular Tesla Device – Squad)
Privates Gordon and Rogers
2 US Airborne Tesla Electrical Gun Team (Regular Tesla Device – Squad)
Corporal Zarkov & Private Wade

2 Green Selections
3 Robot Troopers (Green Tesla Device – Squad)
Robot Troopers - I, II, & III
3 Robot Troopers (Green Tesla Device – Squad)
Robot Troopers - IV, V, & VI

Special Orders
Coordinated Attack

Now I just need to plan out my Germans properly.

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