Friday, 18 March 2011

Games I Play . . . . .

I've not bought a lot recently, many factors there -and everyone who know's me is aware of my love of two Dead Systems - Vor and Starship Troopers. But what about Games actually in print.

Pulp City is perhaps my favourite Skirmish Miniatures game of all time, but I do have other games/miniatures in my collection.

Anima Tactics is a wicked set of fantasy skirmish rules if you like the Manga look to your Models (Soda Pop are doing their own Sci Fi based ruleset soon and they have a Manga look too - kinda interested to see what they come up with). I have a nice selection of Anima Tactics miniatures, I like the look of them and the game-play is solid.

AE-WWII is a fantastic game if you like your War "Weird" - the models are much nicer than Secrets of the Third Reich, and the rules flow better during play (plus its got points-free force organization). Plus, not fricking Zombies - I'm sick of seeing these sort of games with bloody Zombies in.

Pulp City - THE Superhero Skirmish game, has not long now released their very sexy Rulebook. The rules are sleek, the game-play is great fun and the Miniatures are Gorgeous (if you go back through the posts on here you can see some of my work). Slick gameplay, options for using other models you fancy as "minions" (side-kicks for the Supremes - thats what the call their Super Powered Beings) plus its set in the 1980's - what more could you want!

Spinespur is a Horror Game, based more on the slasher movies of the 70's & 80's - the minis are quirky, but given the subject matter that's a good thing - y'know? The real drawback with Spinespur is that you have to print out your own reference cards, its a real pain tbh. A good Spinepur strong point is terrain choice as the environments of the Spinespur "world" are very varied - you have a lot of choice for terrain set-ups, enabling you to use terrain from other Wargames quite happily. Bombed out Buildings, Modern Streets, Scrap Yards, Monolithic Ruins - all is pretty much possible in Spinespur.

Malifaux hasn't struck a lot of people - even though I like the look of the miniatures and the game world. I have found its like that for a lot of people - they either love it or aren't overly keen. Its an "all or nothing" sort of situation. Its a weird setting to be honest, but refreshing too. I can say the rules are excellent, very playable - though sometimes I find things can get a little bogged down, as a LOT of miniatures in the game have special (and fairly unique) rules.

Hell Dorado has been on my list for a while, and its really coming into its own now - especially with the English rules release. Really really worth looking at. Interesting Factions, Gorgeous Miniatures, Unique Setting, and good solid game play.

So that's it, no excuse to ever visit a Games Workshop again LMAO!

None of the aforementioned Games are for Kids to be frank, some of the miniatures in their ranges require moderate to advanced hobby skills.

You can either buy them direct, the stores are easily found from the links I've provided - or use a FLGS if they stock them (start nagging them now) or I've found FRP Games to be an excellent online supplier in the USA.

Here in the UK I generally use either Arcane Miniatures (I can't recommend Arcane Miniatures strongly enough) or Maelstrom Games (who can be quick, but I've found have problems with stock levels - meaning delays sometimes). Wayland Games have recently started stocking more than just Bloody Warhammer and 40k - and are worth looking at as well.

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