Thursday, 24 March 2011

Resin Bases

Everyone knows I base my Pulp City & AE-WWII miniatures on resin bases, but what about other miniatures in my collection.

My Anima Tactics miniatures are based on Fenris Wilderness bases, whereas my Hell Dorado are on Dungeon Style Bases I sculpted myself and cast out of Miliput using greenstuff push molds.

But what about Infinity, Starship Troopers, and Rezolution . . . . 

Originally my Rezolution miniatures were based on the Plastic Rezolution bases - but, to be frank - they are pretty sh*t and ugly for the most part.

Starship Troopers are based on standard sand and gravel bases, although some of my early Skinnie efforts are starting to peel - I'm wondering whether to search out decent desert/ash waste bases to re-base them on at some point.

Infinity Miniatures are pretty, and so are the official bases from Micro Art Studio - but they are very expensive considering you are only buying 5 in a pack for 4.92 Euros - and the shipping is quite steep to the UK (I dread to think what it is to the US) - plus the are soooo priddy, I can see myself spending as much time painting the base as the bloody miniature!!!

I really like these from 616-designs on Ebay -

OK, the painting on the example bases could be a little more dynamic - but they are great looking bases!

Nice looking, great value (at £2.20 for 10), and flat (the vast majority of bases I've looked at are too "lumpy" to successfully base models on all of them).

And though I really REALLY like the official infinity ones - they are DOUBLE the price of one pack of 10 of these, for just a pack of 5 - pricing themselves (in my humble opinion) out of the market for most gamers.

They do several different designs, in both round, square, and the newer Warmachine "lipped" bases - and all are really competitively priced - VERY impressive guys! Especially considering he's been trading on Ebay for 12 Months and has 100% Positive Feedback!

I recommend everyone check them out!

Some of my friends were wondering why I've started using Resin bases for everything (I was actually asked by a mate the other week why I was "all about the resin" with my bases), the reasons are four-fold.

1 - I've found some of my older SST Skinnies the sand is now "peeling" off (No matter HOW carefully you do it, there is a chance your basing could skill peel off/flake).

2 - The official Pulp City Resin Bases turned my head (Almost as much as the miniatures did) - you USED to be able to still get them from but they have disappeared from their website now.

3 - I'm lazy - if you prepare your own base texture its time consuming
  • Undercoat the miniature (you have to undercoat first, PVA being water based hates plastic bases)
  • PVA the base
  • Put your little "random" rocks on
  • Finish the rest of the base with sand
  • Wait for it to dry
  • Seal it with more watered down PVA
  • Wait for that to dry
ONLY THEN can you start painting - 7 stages with waiting in between - FFS!

4 - I'm impatient
  • Clip/trim tags
  • Drill holes
  • Glue to base
  • Undercoat 
Then you can paint, very little fuss, 4 stages with VERY little waiting/drying time!

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