Sunday, 13 March 2011

Starship Troopers 3 - The Bombardier Bug

The Bombardier Bug

Yet another new type of bug first encountered on Roku San, the Bombardier Bug was a soon feared enemy of the Mobile Infantry. A tiny insect no bigger than a basketball, it launched itself over the complex’s walls during an attack and detonated, killing many Troopers. More and more of these silent killers arrived by the minute, each doing more damage than the last - until the battle finally ended.

Bombardier Bug - 35pts

The Number of Bombardier Bugs depends on your Priority Level -

PL1 - None
PL2 - 0-5 Units
PL3 - 0-10 Units

Type - Bombardier Bug
Cost - 35
Size - 1
Move - 2"
Close Combat - D6-2
Target - 4+
Armour - 5+
Kill - 6+
Traits - Jump/20"

Unit - 1 Bombardier Bug
Weapons and Equipment - Self Destruct

Weapon - Self Destruct
Range - Special
Damage - 3xD10+2
Type - Internal
Traits - LZ (4"), Killshot

Self Destruct - When a Bombardier Bug is destroyed or when the Arachnid player wants it to, it may Self Destruct, you may automatically place a LZ (4”) template centering the bombardier bug. Remove the bombardier bug after all damage dice have been rolled.

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