Friday, 11 March 2011

Starship Troopers 3 - Scorpion Bug

Found some "bits" on Google -

The Scorpion Bug

So nicknamed by the Mobile Infantry because of its appearance, it sports a Bug Plasma emitter in its tail rather than having a venomous stinger. Seen only on Roku San, the Scorpion Bug was a deadly threat to the Mobile Infantry during the conflict on that planet. During an attack by the Arachnid Warriors, a massive Scorpion broke through a bunker wall and began to unleashing its Bug Plasma on the Troops within. Colonel Rico managed to hit the beast’s tail with a grenade launcher, but the attack still commenced even after its destruction.

Scorpion Bug - 110pts

The Number of Scorpion bugs depends on your Priority Level - PL1- 0-1 Units, PL2- 0-3 Units, PL3- Unlimited.

Type - Scorpion Bug
Cost - 60
Size - 3
Move - 7"
Close Combat - 2xD6+1 or D10+2
Target - 6+
Armour - 3+
Kill - 8+
Traits - Hits/3, Piercing/2, Retaliate

Unit - 2 Scorpion Bugs
Weapons and Equipment - Scorpion Bug Plasma (see below)

Weapon - Scorpion Bug Plasma
Range - 15"
Damage - 2xD6+2
Type - Internal
Traits - Piercing/1, Persistent

The best Miniature for these is the Bob Ridolfi Giant Scorpion from Reaper Miniatures, it only really needs the "sting" converting.

I do not know who did these rules, so if you read this or are on Face Book - PLEASE get in touch!

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