Saturday, 5 March 2011

Starship Troopers

Did anyone else Play Starship Troopers - I recently found all my Miniatures thrown in a Box (not by me I must add) completely wrecking the few I actually had painted.

The worst casualties were - 25 Light Mobile Infantry, the Roughnecks, 30 Bugs, 2 Skinnie Light Speeders, a Skinnie Heavy Speeder, and a Tanker.

Now the Light Mobile Infantry (being metal) are easily stripped and re-painted, though I am changing the way I painted them this time - going for a grey Undercoat and using citadel foundation paints and glazes. So, its all good in a way as far as the Light Mobile Infantry are concerned.

The Tanker will need re-painting, as its broken in several places - interesting point, you CAN strip the SST plastic using (in the UK at least) the Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner spray . . . .

The Skinnie speeders are fubar, they need stripping right back properly - the biggest issue with them is theres a couple of components missing, so I've got to fabricate the missing bits now.

Lastly - the Warrior bugs are pretty much f***ed up - I can only make 16 complete ones out of the wreckage - putting me down to just 36 Arachnid Warriors out of the 50 I had. Oh well, endless tide it is.

I didn't always us the SST rules either, anyone remember VOR - The Maelstrom? Vor was one of my favourite games, loved the Universe and the Rules (shame FASA got liquidated) - I have copiuos notes for SST VOR somewhere, I might post them on here when (and if LoL) I find them.

Oh well, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" - Friedrich Nietzsche - Or in the case of wrecked miniatures - just PI**ES YOU OFF!


Anonymous said...

I still have all of my SST figures, in my footlocker, safe and sound. :)

At the drop of a hat I'll pull them out and use them in a friendly game, since I have a large army for MI and Bugs, and a few skinny squads.

James / Nezeray

Doctor Warlock said...

Happily do 3K of Bugs without Assets, 3K of Power Armoured Troopers, 2K of Marauders, 2K of Exo-Suits, 2k of Pathfinders, and 2k of Skinnies. After repairs of course LoL!

Doctor Warlock said...

Oh and 2k of LAMI!