Friday, 11 March 2011

The TW-105E Tactical Shotgun

 TW-105E Tactical Shotgun

The TW-105E Tactical Shotgun was a move from the Morita Weapons available to the mobile infantry; it contained a large and powerful explosive shell which would almost wipe out an Arachnid warrior bug in one shot. Dubbed the Puncher for its ability to literally punch holes in test subjects, the TW-105E is a powerful weapon indeed.

Weapon - TW-105E Tactical Shotgun
Range - 15"   
Damage - D10+1  
Type - Pack
Traits - Piercing/2, LZ (1”)

The TW-105E Tactical Shotgun is an addition to the mobile infantry arsenal and not yet used in full by all forces in the MI. Any Power Suit Squad, Light Armoured Squad or Pathfinder Squad may purchase a TW-105E Tactical Shotgun, the Shotgun counts towards the Special Weapons limit the squad may have. The TW-105E Tactical Shotgun cost +10pts per model.

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