Friday, 29 July 2011

More Piratey Thoughts

Don't get me wrong, these thoughts are based upon personal preference not the quality and standard of the Rules and the Miniatures - and that no Pirates were harmed as a consequence of these thoughts . . . . .

Definitely a good solid game, good fun, and definite potential here. I love it, but there are a few typo's here and there. Nothing to cause confusion, just irritating in such a lavish book. And, whilst we are on the subject of production values - Do the guys at Black Scorpion think TEN Pages of Art a great idea (often not actually filling the entire page), or were they just trying to get the page count up! Thats without the Maps (which everyone likes), the ten pages of Painted Miniatures (pretty but unnecessary - as all the images are already on the website), and two pages on "how miniatures are made" - no offense, but most (if not all) wargamers are aware of such things already. The rules however are solid, and the campaign system is great - overall its well worth the effort (and the wait, Black Scorpion aren't the fastest apparently) getting into.

Ron & Bones
I've really fallen in love with the R&B sculpts, yes they are quirky and cartoonish - but thats kinda their style. HOWEVER R&B is really only a board-game, movement (and combat to a certain degree) requires a Grid for it to work. If you do make a table to play R&B on you need some sort of grid in place, making it unsuitable for other games. The game-play is good and solid, however making it board based reduces its "fun factor" for me at least. Great miniatures, let down by a limiting factor in the rules - quite a shame really.

Freebooter's Fate
Along with Cutlass, definitely my favourite so far - loads of fun, light and easy to learn. I love 'most' of the miniatures, but a couple leave me cold - "The Lady" for one. However, upon saying that the miniatures I do like I absolutely adore! The ONLY thing really wrong with Freebooters Fate (for me at least) is the lack Campaign Rules - the scenarios are great, but there is nothing tying them together. Or rules for improvement between games etc - which would rocket this game to be my favourite I reckon. There are SUPPOSED to be Equipment cards coming, that would be a huge leap forward for FF - also, I'm HOPING for campaign rules in the new book when it comes out to co-incide with the release of the Amazon's Crew.

I'm still trying to get a look at Legend of the High Sea's, and I will review it as soon as I can!

Love 'em or Leave 'em - Pirate games are here to stay!

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