Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Plastic Pirates

Why has no-one (as of yet) produced 28mm hard plastic Pirate miniatures?!?!

Now I know we have the Mordheim/Empire Militia Plastics - but there are too many armoured options in with them to make them truly useful and "Piratey" - what we need is someone to do Hard Plastic Multi-Part Pirates.

With the various Pirate Rules available, I (personally, and without bias LoL) think they would be a big seller - you could even "follow up" the release with some Metal "Characters" (Captains, Privateers, Ships Cook etc) and then maybe even some Royal Navy Marines (multi-part of course) and Metal Officers and Characters to support that release too!

I know I am REALLY biased, but seriously - how damn cool would that be!

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