Friday, 1 July 2011

Tales of War - Pirate Captain

People keep telling me HOW GREAT the Tales of War range is, now I have never purchased any - mostly because they have never produced anything I could "use" - I'm the sort of painter that likes gaming pieces you see, and NOT ornaments . . . . .

I actually wasn't aware of the ToW Pirate Captain miniature, but a friend of mine who collects and paints the ToW range avidly gave me one to look at and review - so here goes, though I doubt if he will be happy with my thoughts.

The Miniature itself, lets face it - is a homage to Captain Jack Sparrow - and although facially he doesn't look that much like Johnny Depp, the hair, accoutrements, and clothes are spot on.

Unfortunately, thats where my praise really ends.

The packaging is abysmal, for a model using such a soft (and it is VERY soft) Metal, they should have used MUCH more padding really - although you can't see it from my picture (my camera-fu is weak) there is a LOT of scuffing a softening of detail.

There is also a miscast, on the front of his tri-corn hat. Considering the premium price ToW charges - such things should be non-existant, period - no excuses IMHO. Its not a two quid miniature from some small "garage" company. These guys are usually praised for their quality, if this Mini is any example at all of that quality - then I shan't be buying from them any time soon.

Lastly, onto the pose - the production picture shows the post as being unusual but "kinda" OK - but the angle of the picture is important here. If you tried to fight with your arm at that angle (and there is no other way of fitting the arm without pinning and GS work tbh) you would hurt your bloody shoulder - and the positioning of his legs, looks like he is trying to walk whilst crapping himself.

Poor production and execution, weak packaging, and a dodgey sculpt - not good. I do have the Resina Planet "Pirate Johnny" on the way too (thanks Alex) - I just hope that's a lot less disappointing than this guy!

Overall (out of 10) -

Quality - 4/10
Packaging - 4/10
Sculpt - 5/10 (some of the detail pulled it back a little there)

Sorry ToW :-(


Frontline Gamer said...

Thats a real shame Doc, I actually quite liked some of their highly stylised sculpts... not that I have any money to buy them. lol. If I do it'll be wandering into a shop and scouring those on display to make sure there aren't any problems!!!

Doctor Warlock said...

Yea Man, its gutting to be sure :-(