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The Formation of S.H.A.D.E.

The Creation of the Moonbases

When these UFO’s became more common, and their attacks frequent enough to start attracting attention from the Media – the necessity for security and early interception became important. Moonbase One was the first to be built (commonly called Moonbase Alpha, especially by those stationed there), and was soon followed by four more Moonbases spread out across the Lunar surface. These bases watch Contra-Earth 24/7 – allowing the deployment of Fighter Craft to “Intercept” the Enigmatron UFO’s.

The Formation of S.H.A.D.E.

However, such efforts spread out over five separate installations are haphazard at best – so Moonbase One Commander Martin Koenig was designated overall coordinator for the Moonbases efforts against the Enigmatron UFO threat.

So, S.H.A.D.E. (Space Headquarters Alien Device Elimination) was born. S.H.A.D.E. manifesto was a simple one, detect and intercept as many Enigmatron UFO’s as possible and destroy them – and to be fair, they manage it 90% of the time.

S.H.A.D.E. has a variety of high-tech hardware and vehicles at its disposal to implement a layered defense of Earth.


For the day to day “Grunt” Work, all five Moonbases have access the hard working Pachyderm Transporters, these modular craft are constructed by the engineering and technical section of the  Moon using materials and components either shipped from Earth or manufactured on the Moon itself.

To further support (and defend) Moonbase, are the short range Mammoth Fighters – they lack the flight capabilities of the Mastodons – but pack almost as much of a punch in a dogfight.

Early warnings of alien attack would come from EDD (the Enigmatron Device Detector) a computerized tracking satellite that constantly scans for Enigmatron UFO incursions.

The forward line of defense are the Moonbases from each the three Interceptor spacecraft known as Mastodons carrying nuclear missiles, are launched.

The second line of defense includes “Cloudswimmer”, a submarine mounted with the submersible, undersea-launched “Heron-1” interceptor aircraft, which attack UFO’s in Earth's atmosphere.

The last line of defense is ground units including the armed, IFV-like S.H.A.D.E. Mobiles, fitted with caterpillar tracks, advanced tracking equipment, and ground to air missiles.

Next Up - Aquatic U.F.O’s & W.O.D.E.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Continuum Organization

The Continuum Organization is in actuality an offshoot of the Time Lift Project - when Darius (the man from the year 2000) discovered that the Time Lift technology not only had the ability to project and individual through time - but also breach the dimensional barriers that kept the realities separate (first seen in the Episode "Time and Tides").

Whilst Time Lift Agents were exploring the contra - earth, discovered in a direct-opposite orbit to our own earth BY U.N.I.S.E.T. (the United Nations Space Exploration Team) - yet rendered invisible because of it being dimensionally out of "step" with our own reality, the Operatives deployed on the new earth seriously interfered with the colonists of that dead and blasted world.

The "Enigmatrons" as they called themselves, were invisible and unliving – the exact opposite of life on our world. They had colonized contra-earth (a dead and radioactive world in their reality) setting up several bases there.

When the Time Lift team deployed there to investigate accidentally fired upon an Enigmatron base - mistaking the Enigmatrons scanner array for a weapon, the enraged Enigmatrons swore revenge upon the "Earth Men" and their home planet of what came to be known as “True-Earth”.

Thus the cold war with Contra-Earth came to be, and a new Organization (an off-shoot of project Time Lift) came into existence – charged with the protection of earth from these Alien Invaders.

The "Continuum Organization" as it was called, was Funded independently – using money from viable technologies brought back from Contra-Earth - and many Time Lift Security Agents were drafted into service, keeping the same uniforms and weapons they used when working on the Time Lift project.

These new Continuum Agents, to protect their identities from the Enigmatrons and their sympathizers - were given Code Names to conceal their identities and protect their families from the Enigmatron threat - all except one that is.

Conrad Raven, the Time Lift Security Operative - leader of the first Contra-Earth Exploratory Mission died shortly after returning to earth. It was discovered that Contra-Earth is extremely radioactive, and whilst his other team-mates were treated and saved (both now serve Continuum in an advisory capacity, training new Continuum recruits) Conrad unfortunately passed away.

Conrad’s body was riddled with radiation – and there was simply no hope for him - he died a horrible and lonely death.

Conrad Ravens body vanished from the morgue within hours of his death, and despite his confirmed passing has been seen in the vicinity of several disaster zones believed to have been executed by the Enigmatrons; wearing a mockery of a Continuum Officers Uniform that is black as pitch.

Threatening messages on behalf of the Enigmatrons have been delivered by “Captain Onyx” leading the heads of Continuum to believe Conrad Raven has been returned to a horrible “un-life” as an Enigmatron agent.

Continuum Agents

All continuum agents adopt a code-name, which is always prefixed by their rank. These code names are taken from Minerals, Gemstones, and other precious stones.

Colonel Pearl
Captain Ruby
Captain Azurite
Lieutenant Emerald
Captain Hematite
Captain Amethyst
Captain Kunzite
Captain Citrine
Captain Magnesite
Captain Amber
Doctor Septarian

The Archons

The Pilot Arm of the Continuum Organization is entirely Female. Known as Archons – they are skilled, sleek, and deadly – their code names come from Birds of Prey.


Their Fighter Planes, Known as “Raptors” are fast, deadly, sleek – and a steely-grey in colour.

Enigmatron UFO’s

One of Earths biggest defenses in the Battle against the Enigmatrons is the Moon, as an orbital defense and monitoring platform it is second to none – so it was only inevitable that Continuum should intend to use it to monitor the comings and goings on Contra-Earth.

Sometimes the Enigmatron menace “manifests” itself without warning, other times they use Dimension Ships to travel from their out of step planet to our own Earth.

These Dimensionally Transcendental craft are capable of not only traveling through space at tremendous speeds – they are also able to ‘side step’ between local dimensions – reducing the need for large and clumsy devices to travel between Contra-Earth and True Earth.

Each Craft normally carries two crew –their space suits (red and silver in colour) are filled with a green staining bio-mimetic gel. Which protects their bodies from high speeds and dimensional travel? The gel cushions and enhances the crew’s natural resilience, but has the unfortunate side effect of staining the skin green.

Originally it was thought that these Crew members were actual Enigmatrons made flesh, but a far more sinister explanation is evident. The crew are (for the most part) inverted copies, but the constant wear and tear of travel back and forth (and inevitable damage during Enigmatron missions) often kills the Crewman. The suits and the gel maintain a stable environment for the Cadaver, leaving it functional for much longer than a normal inverted replicant – it’s just as 
likely to encounter a stained green skeleton as a fully formed undamaged human form inside one of these suits.

Next - The Formation of S.H.A.D.E.

Waste not, Want not

Although the "fusion" of Gerry Andersons "worlds" isn't uncommon - most people don't really understand why its so easy.

It all began really with Thunderbirds - Gerry was gearing up to make more Thunderbirds, he had even started making Season Two (which got cut down to just Six Episodes) when Lew Grade, disappointed with the response to the two Thunderbirds Movies - Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) and Thunderbird Six (1968) he asked Anderson to produce "something new" and so ideas and concepts (and even in certain cases Models - which is common with Anderson productions) then got used in Captain Scarlet.

Captain Scarlet only "did okay" originally, it was no-where near the huge success that Thunderbirds was - despite its huge achievements. So, towards the end of its run - Lew Grade once again asked for something new - and U.F.O. was born.

U.F.O. being live action combined with the Andersons style and Derek Meddings AMAZING Effects work was an instant success - the Episodes set on the Moon had particularly high ratings (especially in the US) so the second series was to be set almost entirely on the Moon.

Production was started, sets and props were built - then Lew Grade got cold feet, the ratings for the final few Episodes dropped - and ONCE AGAIN Grade asked for something new.

Space 1999 was born, and a lot of the sets and models got re-used almost exactly as they were intended to be in the second season of U.F.O.

So, as you can see - the Andersons Worlds were already kinda mixed in together . . . . . .

Captain Ruby and the Enigmatrons

The series was conceived as a spin-off from "The Man from 2000" by TV Produce Alexander Abrahams - and follows the continuing battle of the World Organization “Continuum” against the Enigmatrons, who have launched a War of Nerves against Earth after their Base on Contra-Earth (a parallel and dead Earth, horribly different to our own) was mistakenly attacked by a group of Earthling explorers, led by Commander Conrad Raven.

The Enigmatrons possess incredible powers, the least of which is their power of "inverting matter". They can take an object, or a person which has been destroyed or killed, and recreate it, him or her, to an exact copy - a copy they can control as they wish to exact their revenge on Earth.  It's by the powers of the Enigmatrons that Captain Ruby is killed, in the first episode (“The Enigmatrons of Contra Earth”) along with Captain Amber.

Both were inverted in order to attempt and assassination of the World President.

Captain Amber dies when he seemingly self detonates, allowing himself to explode as if a living-bomb, so the World President would perish with him. But when the President survives the attempt, Captain Ruby kidnaps him and takes him to the top of London’s Big Ben, where, after a shoot-out with Captain Azurite, he is shot and falls to his second death, 315 feet below – his shattered body lying face down in the Thames.

After Continuum has recovered the body, it is discovered that Captain Ruby is not actually dead. Instead they found that his body now repairs itself at an incredibly accelerated rate, thus giving him the ability to even recover from a wound which would easily kill a normal man.

Screen from the Opening Credits

Captain Ruby, now free of the Enigmatrons influence, has kept their incredible power of "inverting matter" - and is now (at least in theory) indestructible, ready to fight the vile creatures who had intended to make him their slave. Captain Ruby was now back fighting for True-Earth, and has on his side all of The Continuum Organization.

Captain Ruby –  Continuum’s best Agent.

Colonel Pearl  Continuum’s Commander in chief.

Captain Azurite –  Captain Ruby’s friend and usual partner.

The Archons –  Beautiful and Elite Female Fighter Pilots.

Lieutenant Emerald –  Chief Communications Officer.

And the other Continuum Field Agents – Captain Hematite, Captain Amethyst, Captain Kunzite, Captain Citrine, Captain Magnesite, Doctor Septarian, and the new Captain Amber

On the side of the Enigmatrons - Captain Onyx, as Conrad Raven has now re-named himself - in foul mockery of the Continuum Agents Code Names, whose body has been fully inverted after dying a horrible death – he is for all intents and purposes “undead”. Captain Onyx now carries out his Enigmatron Master’s orders by killing, maiming, and destroying all who stand in their way – as they continue to wreak havoc on Earth using Captain Onyx and his human turncoats.

But the fight will go on, Captain Ruby demonstrating again and again his new abilities, not always winning, and giving his life over and over again so others may be spared.  

Next Up - The Continuum Organization

Crooked Dice, New Miniatures, and New Worlds

To those who know my love of Cult TV it's no surprise that Crooked Dice's new release "Time Lift Security" - Sculpted by the IMPOSSIBLY talented Ian Mountain, and painted in these examples by the great Kevin Dalimore - have attracted my attention.

I also ADORE the Gerry Anderson shows, so I'm eager to paint some of these when I'm given the chance.

I've also been working on my own "take" on the various Anderson shows - fusing them together and "mixing" them in with the Crooked Dice Universe (basically, just having fun with it).

I will be putting all this together in a full-colour professional looking PDF (completely free of course) with some AMAZING Digital Artwork created by the fantastically talented Robin Hill (who's been designing Terrain for Ainsty Castings).

I plan for this to be an ongoing project for me, eventually merging all of Andersons Universes into a cohesive whole for Miniatures Gaming (and possibly Roleplaying too).

The re-naming conventions are for fun, and Robin is come up with some amazing Vehicle and Character Designs too!

Welcome to the Universe of "Captain Ruby and the Enigmatrons"!

Continuum Is Green!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Testing, Testing . . . . . . . .

First "Test" for my Cutlass Navy Marines, need to tone down the black lining somewhat LoL - looks good at a distance though!

The other four (including the Sergeant) are being blocked in at the moment - Whilst carrying on with Davy Red and Leathery Joe.

As you can see Davy's Clothes and weapons are looking suitably dank and weathered. Still not sure how to paint Barnacles though.

 Leathery Joe is past the inky/shadey/washy stage now, and is getting detailing (Stripey Trousers!)

Painting is still a little shakey to be quite honest, my hands are still kinda painful - but I'm enjoying what I am painting atm! Which is the most important thing for me!