Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Captain Ruby and the Enigmatrons

The series was conceived as a spin-off from "The Man from 2000" by TV Produce Alexander Abrahams - and follows the continuing battle of the World Organization “Continuum” against the Enigmatrons, who have launched a War of Nerves against Earth after their Base on Contra-Earth (a parallel and dead Earth, horribly different to our own) was mistakenly attacked by a group of Earthling explorers, led by Commander Conrad Raven.

The Enigmatrons possess incredible powers, the least of which is their power of "inverting matter". They can take an object, or a person which has been destroyed or killed, and recreate it, him or her, to an exact copy - a copy they can control as they wish to exact their revenge on Earth.  It's by the powers of the Enigmatrons that Captain Ruby is killed, in the first episode (“The Enigmatrons of Contra Earth”) along with Captain Amber.

Both were inverted in order to attempt and assassination of the World President.

Captain Amber dies when he seemingly self detonates, allowing himself to explode as if a living-bomb, so the World President would perish with him. But when the President survives the attempt, Captain Ruby kidnaps him and takes him to the top of London’s Big Ben, where, after a shoot-out with Captain Azurite, he is shot and falls to his second death, 315 feet below – his shattered body lying face down in the Thames.

After Continuum has recovered the body, it is discovered that Captain Ruby is not actually dead. Instead they found that his body now repairs itself at an incredibly accelerated rate, thus giving him the ability to even recover from a wound which would easily kill a normal man.

Screen from the Opening Credits

Captain Ruby, now free of the Enigmatrons influence, has kept their incredible power of "inverting matter" - and is now (at least in theory) indestructible, ready to fight the vile creatures who had intended to make him their slave. Captain Ruby was now back fighting for True-Earth, and has on his side all of The Continuum Organization.

Captain Ruby –  Continuum’s best Agent.

Colonel Pearl  Continuum’s Commander in chief.

Captain Azurite –  Captain Ruby’s friend and usual partner.

The Archons –  Beautiful and Elite Female Fighter Pilots.

Lieutenant Emerald –  Chief Communications Officer.

And the other Continuum Field Agents – Captain Hematite, Captain Amethyst, Captain Kunzite, Captain Citrine, Captain Magnesite, Doctor Septarian, and the new Captain Amber

On the side of the Enigmatrons - Captain Onyx, as Conrad Raven has now re-named himself - in foul mockery of the Continuum Agents Code Names, whose body has been fully inverted after dying a horrible death – he is for all intents and purposes “undead”. Captain Onyx now carries out his Enigmatron Master’s orders by killing, maiming, and destroying all who stand in their way – as they continue to wreak havoc on Earth using Captain Onyx and his human turncoats.

But the fight will go on, Captain Ruby demonstrating again and again his new abilities, not always winning, and giving his life over and over again so others may be spared.  

Next Up - The Continuum Organization

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