Thursday, 8 September 2011

Aquatic U.F.O’s & W.O.D.E.

The Enigmatron spacecraft can readily cross the vast distances between Contra-Earth and True-Earth at velocities approaching the speed of light, but they are only large enough for one or two crew.

Their time in our Dimensional plane is limited – the Enigmatron UFO’s can only survive for a two or three days in the Earth's atmosphere before they suffer from a heat buildup, begin to deteriorate and break down, and finally explode. 

The Enigmatron craft can survive for far longer underwater – meaning that sometimes, rather than traversing the distances and dimensional variance’s between the two Earths – they simply “phase” into a body of water – this is a rare occurrence (but frequent enough to make it an issue) but it is not known why the Enigmatrons do not use this method of deployment more often, bypassing the moons detection and defense systems entirely.

It has been theorized that it takes massive amounts of energy, and a great amount of effort on behalf of the Enigmatrons to phase one of their Spacecraft directly to Earth – making conventional Space Travel/Dimension Slipping easier for them.

In flight they are surrounded by horizontally spinning vanes and emit a distinctive pulsing electronic whine that sounds like a Shoooe-Wheeeh the craft itself is armed with a projected energy-type weapon, but can be destroyed by conventional explosive missiles and warheads. The personal arms of the aliens resemble chromed assault rifles - but these have a lower rate of fire than that used by Continuum. They also sport a small device
which paralyses victims, a sort of “stun gun” if you will. This is to reduce damage to the UFO crew’s victims to enable organ and body harvesting to keep their own inverted unnatural existence going.
The water based craft that the Enigmatrons phase into our Oceans and Lakes are somewhat different to the UFO’s, rather than sporting horizontally spinning vanes – the vanes are replaced with fins that slice through the water giving them forward motion. These craft are clumsy at best, slow to maneuver and turn - but still a threat to World Security and other Vessels.

The constant threat to the Oceans of the World by the Enigmatrons, meant than Cloudswimmer and Heron 1 were not simply enough to “Police” the world’s Oceans effectively. So, after a while the Military and the Navies of America, Australia, and the UK formed WODE (World Oceans Defense Enterprise) – specifically set up to patrol and protect Earth’s Oceans against the Enigmatrons and their Agents.

A new design of Submarine was Created, the “Manta” Class Assault Submersibles (or M-CAS as they were commonly known) were highly sophisticated combat submarines built for speed and maneuverability – they are capable of speeds of up to 600 knots and advanced pressure compensators allow them to dice down to depths of over 36,000 feet, which permits cruising deep down in any ocean of the world.

The main Base of W.O.D.E. “Aquaville” is located in Hawaii in the area surrounding Kailuna-Koa (the exact location has not been revealed for Security reasons) giving access to the Pacific. There are four other such bases around the World, one on the Coast of Ireland (on the Beara Peninsula) giving direct Access to the Atlantic Ocean, another on the Coast of Australia near Geraldton, giving Access to the Indian Ocean, one more in the Russian Federation near Murmansk giving Access to the Arctic Ocean, and lastly one floating base off the coast of the Antarctic giving direct Access to the Southern Ocean.

Next Up - The Collapse of U.N.I.S.E.T. & the Birth of S.W.O.R.D.


superherofigurehunter said...

A creative fire seems have been stoked within you with this project Doctor!

Doctor Warlock said...

I have MOUNDS of stuff Written, not just this - Superhero Ideas, Campaigns for Supers and Pirates - and that's WITHOUT the RPG stuff written ;-)