Monday, 5 September 2011

Magnetic Minions

As a quick "aside" from my Captain Ruby "Saga" - Magnetic Minions!

I was originally intending to paint my Crooked Dice Alien Minions "as I went along" but I got carried away with this because I like playing with Magnets LoL!

I wanted to do some 7TV Metalnauts - so I started painting up some for the next Campaign Day - only to find in a thread on the Forums that there are plans afoot to make proper ones!

I hate wasting miniatures, so I decided to use some of my rare-earth magnets - that way I can use any Minion head on a whim! I plan to do four in Green Boiler Suits, four in Yellow, and four in Red (my Human Minions are going to wear Grey) - each with all three heads painted, thus allowing me to field Four of each "minion" type or TWELVE Minions of the same type!

 The Headless Minion, with heads.

As a Metalnaut, eventually I will re-paint the head as more of a 'dummy' LoL!
As a Pig Minion.

 Yes I know the head is a bit "blue" but I want my Squid-Faced Minions to be more Lovecraftian.

 Just to show the magnets work!

Ok, normal service will now be resumed!

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