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The Nexus Files Uncovered

I’m really REALLY into 7TV now, I wish I had jumped in properly ages ago.
My closest friend, who normally only likes RPG's is showing interest in 7TV at the moment.

I’m slowly getting together things for games "proper" – I already have a resin Warehouse by Ainsty (which, to my shame, I've had for a long time - it was purchased for use with "Chinatown" if anyone can remember that awesome game), and I’m slowly building my ‘skills’ with paper terrain mounted on Foam Core.

What I really want to do is some Spy-Fi games, as I LOVE James Bond Movies, the Man from UNCLE, Matt Helm - the lot!

I’ve created a little 7TV something called “The Nexus Files” – basically it’s a combination of elements of James Bond and the Man from UNCLE (I've even made provision for Derek Flint and ZOWIE to make an appearance in one plot)  – with a dash of Moorcocks Jerry Cornelius, and a smidgen of Deep Space Nine (the Bashir spy Episode).
The Nexus Files Uncovered 

The History of Special Agent Jacob Nexus 

The Nexus Files were a series of Spy Novels written by Charteris Lancaster – Charteris had been a spy during WWII and his experiences inspired the creation of Jacob Nexus.

Unlike Jacob Nexus, Charteris was not a particularly successful man with women, and fairly unremarkable in all respects (ironically exactly the thing that made him a successful Spy) and was quite simply the opposite to his creation in almost every way.

Spy extraordinaire Jacob Nexus, was to be fun loving, very easygoing – a witty wisecracking playboy; and Nobel Prizewinner and Pop-Star to boot - a heady combination that rocketed The Nexus Files to the top of the Bestsellers lists. Women (although they insisted they didn't) wanted a Man like Jacob, and men wanted to be as successful as Jacob with women.

Each Book in the Series portrayed Jacob with him bedding a string of beautiful women - but in spite of his philandering, Jacob Nexus always had one special Companion in each story. Ms. Twyce Knightly was the first, blonde and statuesque a truly glamorous Woman with an "International" accent. But as is Jacobs way, in each successive story, a new companion was created for him - Truly Scrumptious, Chastity Longgone, Miss Goodenplenty, and Suki Cox to name but a few.

As an ex-agent of B.O.W.T.I.E. (British Organization for World anti Terrorism Intelligence and Espionage), he is brought out of his early retirement to deal with the threat of "The Olympus Bureau", a world-wide crime organization lead by a Group of mad Scientists who want to set themselves up as Gods - ruling over the Earth as cruel dictators in a new age of oppression and darkness.

Whilst Jacob Nexus stood for all that was typically British, his happy devil may care attitude (that was to be so prevalent in the 'swinging sixties') was a refreshing change from the current style of gritty Spy sagas.

Due to the huge popularity of the Books - it wasn’t long before the Film Industry started eying the Nexus Files up for possible film adaptation.

Alfred T. Purslane (a very famous and respected Film Producer) secured the rights, but none of the Studios except one could see the potential - that was the small setup 'Century 31'. 

Unfortunately Century 31 Studios had very little collateral, and had (up to that point) only produced Puppet Shows for TV – and though there shows were very popular (‘The Adventures of Spike the Lightning Lad’, and ‘Thundercar 90’ did particularly well) – and although Purslane really wanted Century 31 to work on the Nexus Files Movies (as the effects work on their Puppet Shows was amazing) without Money it wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

So Purslane looked around for Investors – and found 7TV’s Sidney Barron (who always recognized a sure thing when he saw it) more than willing to put up the money - the rest, as they say, is history.
The First Movie

George Thomas IS Special Agent Jacob Nexus


Doctor Noah . . . . . . .

In the first Film of the Series, Doctor Euripides Noah (one of the High Council of the Olympus Bureau) a former friend of Jacob Nexus, and once head of the Nobel Prize Committee – wants to flood the world, he has built a flying “Ark” (a huge Zeppelin-like construction, built up of many platforms, gas-bags, and propellers) and like Noah in the Bible he plans to re-populate the Earth – but this time, with people of his choosing, he will create a new Master Race!

The “Nu-Ark” is crewed by the people he has chosen specifically for their superior intellects and physique – reducing the chance of genetic errors in their children.

Equipped only with his trusty Automatic Pistol, and his ‘Companion’ Ms. Twyce Knightly – Jacob Nexus must thwart the evil plans of Doctor Noah before he ends up swimming to work across Trafalgar Square!


Special Agent Jacob Nexus – Played by George Thomas

Spy extraordinaire Jacob Nexus, is a fun loving, easygoing, wisecracking playboy and Nobel Prizewinning Pop-Star!

As an ex-agent of B.O.W.T.I.E. (British Organization for World anti Terrorism Intelligence and Espionage), he is brought out of his early retirement to deal with the threat of "The Olympus Bureau", a world-wide crime organization lead by a Group of mad Scientists want to set themselves up as Gods - ruling over the Earth as cruel dictators.

Along with Jacob, there are other people who work (in various capacities) for B.O.W.T.I.E.

The General – Voiced by Alexander Leo

The General is never seen in person, only his Secretary Miss Bottom (Patricia May to her friends) and his direct Superiors know the Generals true Identity. The General assigns cases to his Agents and and speaks to his Secretary  via a speaker phone.

Special Agent David Nickovetch – Played by Daniel Clay
Born in the Ukraine, Davids Parents moved to the UK when he was 10. Nickovetch Excelled at Oxford in several subjects, and joined the Royal Marines – spending much of his service time back in the Soviet Union. Recruited by B.O.W.T.I.E. for undercover Work in Russia, David Nickovetch is now a Field Agent and often assists Jacob Nexus on Missions. David is generally quite awkward around Women (except for Miss Bottom) - and envy’s Jacobs "knack" with the fair sex. Upon first meeting Nickovetch, other British Agents are often taken back by his Accent. Originally David Nickovetch was only intended to be a secondary Character, but he was immediately popular - leading Charteris to use him with regularity, often partnering Nexus on his most Dangerous Missions.

Patricia May Bottom – Played by Kathleen Pettaval

Miss Bottom is the confidential clerk and private secretary to The General, the head of B.O.W.T.I.E. She holds the rank of Lieutenant RN, which is a prerequisite rank for this position - and is cleared for Top-Secret, Eyes-Only and Cabinet-Level Intelligence Reports. Which she is often required to prepare - and in some cases present. Bubbly and friendly, she is hopelessly devoted to Jacob – though he is utterly unaware of her feelings for him.

In addition to the regular cast, each Movie has a string of gorgeous girlies for Jacob to flirt with (and rescue) - Reference Material will be added for these later.


Next Up -
Doctor Euripides Noah and the Olympus Bureau . . . . .

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