Saturday, 29 October 2011

the Community . . . .

There were just 17 Episodes of Man from 2000 spin-off series 'the Community' Filmed before it was canceled, and even then only 6 were actually shown.

'the Community' was considered to radical and full-on "Odd" for Audiences at the time - having a Series centered around a Villain (Patrick McGowan reprised both his role as the Man from 3000/Numeral XII and as the main protagonist 'Numeral VI') - audiences found it confusing having the same Actor play the Hero and the Villain (and having Leon McKerr playing a totally new Character after playing Sir Benton Troad in 'the Man from 2000') - it did however quickly gain a cult following.

Set in the year 3066 - the Community was a small European 'style' Hamlet trapped in a pocket 'bubble' of time, the Prisoners are placed there by various powers (both Alien and Human) for various reasons, often Captives are incarcerated with little or no logical reason.

The Community itself looks relatively pleasant and harmless, like a kind of 'retirement' resort - and most Captives settle down there, and they even get accustomed to the Alien Servitors (the Encephaloids from the Man from 2000 Episode 'The Man From 3000' are ever present in the Community) that do the repair and maintenance duties around (and under) the Community.

Numeral VI's presence in the Community is as much of a shock to the Man from 3000/Numeral XII as it is to Numeral VI himself, in the premier Episode 'Revelation' Numeral VI awakes to find himself trapped in the Community, can't leave beyond the confines of the 'Bubble' whenever he tries - he blacks out and he finds himself lying in the Town Square. Other members of the Community keep coming up to him as if they know him (which they do in a way, as they are used to the Man from 3000/Numeral XII being around) - which almost forces Numeral VI to breaking point very early on in the Story.

The Man from 3000/Numeral XII runs the Community from the Shadows, and doesn't even make an appearance proper until the Fourth Episode "Tweedledee & Tweedledum" in which he and Numeral II (once again played by the wonderful Actor Leon McKerr) try to convince Numeral VI that he isn't who he thinks he is.

Next Up - Some more 'Fluff' and some wonderful 'the Community' art done by my good friend Tony Yates!


superherofigurehunter said...

So is there a chance this will be collected as a pdf someday? :)

Doctor Warlock said...

Tony has done me a front and back cover and over 20 pieces of B&W Art - it would be a shame not to put it to good use!