Saturday, 19 November 2011

Legions of the Dead "Full Fat"

I've uploaded a "Full Fat" unoptimized version for those who don't have problems with Download speeds.

Legions of the Dead


(Not) Army of Darkness comes to the Action Engine, recently my friend Toby was bemoaning we never do Army of Darkness style games - which is odd, because its one of my favourite films of all time.

Toby is a wonderful gentle man, who life has thrown a bad curve ball or two health wise - his collection of painted miniatures is extensive - mostly undead and knights (odd that) - I was all up for a "Vanity Project" but Toby wanted a "Homage" after reading (and loving) 7ombie TV with Bruce already in there - well, you get me.

Although I've framed it in a 7TV way, its not a combination of elements - but rather a direct Homage to Army of Darkness - those who don't like this approach, don't download it, read it, use it etc - bog off and play something else, I did it for my friend (as that's the way he wanted it) and was NAGGED into formatting it as a booklet by everyone who played that night.

I did it on my Netbook, so I had to use Foxit Editing Software - which isn't very kind size wise, so its 5.25 Mb (and thats AFTER optimization) and its optimized for Acrobat 10 - so make sure your software is up-to date before trying to read it.

Tony (Shadowking) kindly did me some art for it too - BIG THANKS MATE.

For those interested, I hope you enjoy the Scenario - we had so much fun that night we ended up playing it twice - and sorry, no pictures Toby is sensitive about his disabilities, and cameras come out and he freaks.

If enough seem to enjoy it, I may do cards and even another Scenario (Toby wants to do something set around the Castle).

Don't forget, shop X-Mart LoL!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bio-Zombie Apocalypse

AGES ago, I started writing a set of Roleplaying notes for a Zombie-Based D20 game.

I've been SO IMPRESSED by 7ombie TV from Crooked Dice I became inspired to update it for 7TV - Bio-Zombie Apocalypse is nearly finished (thankfully then I can get back to 'the Community') and I shall unveil it soon.

Basically its a Campaign setting for 7ombie TV, but with a little 'tweaking' it could be used for any Zombie Miniatures game, and it is inspired by all my favourite horror stuff - Resident Evil, Return of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, with a nod of respect to H.P. Lovecraft and Silent Hill.

I've had some help -my good friend Tony (shadowking) Yates has done some art for me, so its all looking good!