Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bio-Zombie Apocalypse

AGES ago, I started writing a set of Roleplaying notes for a Zombie-Based D20 game.

I've been SO IMPRESSED by 7ombie TV from Crooked Dice I became inspired to update it for 7TV - Bio-Zombie Apocalypse is nearly finished (thankfully then I can get back to 'the Community') and I shall unveil it soon.

Basically its a Campaign setting for 7ombie TV, but with a little 'tweaking' it could be used for any Zombie Miniatures game, and it is inspired by all my favourite horror stuff - Resident Evil, Return of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, with a nod of respect to H.P. Lovecraft and Silent Hill.

I've had some help -my good friend Tony (shadowking) Yates has done some art for me, so its all looking good!


jp said...

Looks promising! Im on board now, hello!

Doctor Warlock said...

Still working on a few things, Tony keeps throwing me curve balls with ideas LoL!