Saturday, 19 November 2011

Legions of the Dead


(Not) Army of Darkness comes to the Action Engine, recently my friend Toby was bemoaning we never do Army of Darkness style games - which is odd, because its one of my favourite films of all time.

Toby is a wonderful gentle man, who life has thrown a bad curve ball or two health wise - his collection of painted miniatures is extensive - mostly undead and knights (odd that) - I was all up for a "Vanity Project" but Toby wanted a "Homage" after reading (and loving) 7ombie TV with Bruce already in there - well, you get me.

Although I've framed it in a 7TV way, its not a combination of elements - but rather a direct Homage to Army of Darkness - those who don't like this approach, don't download it, read it, use it etc - bog off and play something else, I did it for my friend (as that's the way he wanted it) and was NAGGED into formatting it as a booklet by everyone who played that night.

I did it on my Netbook, so I had to use Foxit Editing Software - which isn't very kind size wise, so its 5.25 Mb (and thats AFTER optimization) and its optimized for Acrobat 10 - so make sure your software is up-to date before trying to read it.

Tony (Shadowking) kindly did me some art for it too - BIG THANKS MATE.

For those interested, I hope you enjoy the Scenario - we had so much fun that night we ended up playing it twice - and sorry, no pictures Toby is sensitive about his disabilities, and cameras come out and he freaks.

If enough seem to enjoy it, I may do cards and even another Scenario (Toby wants to do something set around the Castle).

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