Saturday, 17 December 2011

First Gorilla Soldier Model

Here is my first Gorilla test, before you post anything I KNOW the bandanna is over the wrong shoulder LoL - I didn't realize though till I started painting him. I had to make some tough choices with the colours too, in the movie the leather tabards are pretty much the same colour as the Gorillas skin, which is too dark to look 'right' on a miniature. So I did the tabard dark, and made the skin more brown - so sue me LoL

The rifle isn't quite "right" but in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, a couple of the Ape Gorillas have Machine Guns - so I can live with that.

It was an armed Minion body, with the "ray-gun" look filed down and shaped to make it look more like a Machine Gun, and Ape failed Experiment head, the mouth greenstuffed to look more ape-like, and hair scuplted around covering the ears and the back/sides of the neck.

Lastly, hair was sculpted onto the back of the hands.

It's OK for a first attempt, I'm sure the others will look better.


Anonymous said...

I never clicked that the basic figure was a CD Minion until you said. I think it looks the part.

The weapons for the 'Ape' films were M1 Carbines, M1 Thompsons and M3 Grease Guns, that were heavily covered, presumably with a plastic or fibre-glass case, to make them look 'Ape-made' and to lose the distinctive shape of these weapons.

Maybe the same thing would work here. You can get separate weapons of this type from 'The Assault Group', although to be honest, what you've done looks fine to me!

Doctor Warlock said...

Well thanks man! I can live with the gun, I utterly ruined a minion trying to cut the weapon away - so I have little choice LoL

Brummie said...

I never new that. Weapon looks fine to me at tabletop distant I think weaponry looses its shape anyhow.

Top paintjob/conversion though.

Weird Chris said...

Looks great to me dude. The only thing I would say is that he looks a little stiff, I think it's the way his head is facing, feels like he should looking slightly more to his left based on the pose of the mini.

Still great sculpt work and a really nice paintjob.

Doctor Warlock said...

The problem is with the way the head matches up with the body, to change the position further would have required severe cutting/filing at the neck joint - If I had screwed that up I would have wasted another head!