Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Zombieville Post - Next Issue

Over 80 Downloads in less than 24 hours - for a "new kid on the block" fanzine I think that's fantastic.

7ombieTV has a lot of potential - potential I will be exploring in future issues, with Tony and everyone who contributes help!

What we have SO FAR for the next issue -

Tony is working on "Wrestling Women Vs. the Inca Undead" - which was Knight Pictures foray in the Mexican Wrestling Zombie Horror Exploitation Movies.

Next we have "Zombies on of the Spanish Main", in the late 1970's Knight Pictures became inspired by the old Hammersmith Pirate Movies and produced two Zombie themed swashbuckler flicks - "The Cutthroats of Gore Swamp" and "The Crew of Satans Galleon" - although the Zombies in Both were more like Medieval "Revenants" - these Zombies want to spread their kind, and they know it.

Some more "Return to the Planet of the Evil Living Dead Flesh Eaters" stuff (we're NOT going to stop, so get used to it) - Including a Scenario, two new Co-Stars, and pictures of Painted Miniatures of the Characters - Doctor Cameron Bruce, Lieutenant Roger 'Treat' Mortis, Colonel Taylor Heston, and even the Shadowking himself!

Andy has been working on something that grew too big to be finished in time for the first issue "THIS IS SPARTA"! . . . .

Carl has done some MORE paper terrain accessories (yes, ALREADY).

I've had a couple of Emails from new people who want to submit stuff too!

Currently the plan is for the next issue to be out late Feb/early March - so get thinking people!

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