Friday, 9 December 2011

The Zombieville Post

To those of you who don't know, I'm working on a 7ombie TV Fanzine "The Zombieville Post" at the moment.

I would still like submissions if people have the time!

Carl (BooBoo on the Crooked Dice Forum) has done us some Paper Terrain (shhh, super secret).

Tony (shadowking on the Crooked Dice Forum) has done us a cracking article based upon the Anime "High School of the Dead" - and some more bits of Art, he was also thinking of a Battle Report at one point.

I'm working on "VAMPS!" A ‘fangtastic’ 7ombie TV variant, and "Night of the Return to the Planet of the Evil Living Dead Zombies" - a mini 7ombie TV Campaign Setting.

It's looking good for a Christmas Eve release (something to mull over after stuffing your faces LoL) - BUT I WOULD LIKE MORE SUBMISSIONS if people are interested.

Please Email me directly at with any ideas!


Brummie said...

You have been busy today :D

Doctor Warlock said...

If I'm waiting around at the Hospital I always start writing (I always have my Netbook with me) so I tend to get a lot done.