Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Zombieville Post - Next Issue

Over 80 Downloads in less than 24 hours - for a "new kid on the block" fanzine I think that's fantastic.

7ombieTV has a lot of potential - potential I will be exploring in future issues, with Tony and everyone who contributes help!

What we have SO FAR for the next issue -

Tony is working on "Wrestling Women Vs. the Inca Undead" - which was Knight Pictures foray in the Mexican Wrestling Zombie Horror Exploitation Movies.

Next we have "Zombies on of the Spanish Main", in the late 1970's Knight Pictures became inspired by the old Hammersmith Pirate Movies and produced two Zombie themed swashbuckler flicks - "The Cutthroats of Gore Swamp" and "The Crew of Satans Galleon" - although the Zombies in Both were more like Medieval "Revenants" - these Zombies want to spread their kind, and they know it.

Some more "Return to the Planet of the Evil Living Dead Flesh Eaters" stuff (we're NOT going to stop, so get used to it) - Including a Scenario, two new Co-Stars, and pictures of Painted Miniatures of the Characters - Doctor Cameron Bruce, Lieutenant Roger 'Treat' Mortis, Colonel Taylor Heston, and even the Shadowking himself!

Andy has been working on something that grew too big to be finished in time for the first issue "THIS IS SPARTA"! . . . .

Carl has done some MORE paper terrain accessories (yes, ALREADY).

I've had a couple of Emails from new people who want to submit stuff too!

Currently the plan is for the next issue to be out late Feb/early March - so get thinking people!

Friday, 23 December 2011

The Zombieville Post Issue One is now Live

The Zombieville Post (THE 7ombieTV Fanzine) Issue One is now live, and is available for download from the following locations -

I hope you enjoy it!

If for any reason you have issues with any of the links, Email me directly at and I will Email you Issue One by Return!

The Zombieville Post - Issue One

The Zombieville Post - Issue One will be available for Download from Midnight Tonight!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

All is on Target with the 7ombie TV Fanzine, but any last minute Submissions for "the Zombieville Post" should be with me no later than tomorrow

Sunday, 18 December 2011

General Ursus and Doctor Zaius!

As promised, profiles for General Ursus and Doctor Zaius - in 7TV Format.

I'm still working out the kinks on the Astronauts and the Primitive Humans, so I will do offering up Archetypes to do your own Characters first - rather than Taylor, Virdon, Burke, or Brent (though they will follow later).

Saturday, 17 December 2011

First Gorilla Soldier Model

Here is my first Gorilla test, before you post anything I KNOW the bandanna is over the wrong shoulder LoL - I didn't realize though till I started painting him. I had to make some tough choices with the colours too, in the movie the leather tabards are pretty much the same colour as the Gorillas skin, which is too dark to look 'right' on a miniature. So I did the tabard dark, and made the skin more brown - so sue me LoL

The rifle isn't quite "right" but in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, a couple of the Ape Gorillas have Machine Guns - so I can live with that.

It was an armed Minion body, with the "ray-gun" look filed down and shaped to make it look more like a Machine Gun, and Ape failed Experiment head, the mouth greenstuffed to look more ape-like, and hair scuplted around covering the ears and the back/sides of the neck.

Lastly, hair was sculpted onto the back of the hands.

It's OK for a first attempt, I'm sure the others will look better.

Friday, 16 December 2011


Why to people keep quoting Max Brooks (The Zombie Survival Guide) over and over again about How do Zombies function after death - according to Max the virus basically rewires whats left of the brain, and continues to send electrical impulses to the tissue after death. The bodies systems are preserved so well because the virus kills all other bacteria - meaning that decomposition does not proceed at a normal pace.

Max's spurious waffling's are based on a total lack of understanding how a nervous system works. He started his Zombie survival seminars as a gag originally anyway, so I just can't take his thoughts that seriously. Maybe if he had majored in medicine rather than History - I might lend his ramblings more credence.

When a nervous system actually dies, it is utterly incapable of generating or transmitting electrical impulses of any kind. Period - that's a fact of life (death) you can't change that - even the Zombie virus couldn't change this, especially considering a virus can only actually effect living tissue. A Virus can lie dormant in dead tissue for decades, but that's about it.

The only way it could work in that example would be if the subject wasn't actually dead - and then they aren't really Zombies anymore.

What if the Virus somehow changed the way living tissue actually worked BEFORE the Host finally died - like healthy tissue becoming cancerous tissue - cancer cells grow and divide at an unregulated, quickened pace. As the cancer-like (Z-Cells?) cells grow/reproduce/replace the healthy living tissue - the victim falls ill while the process takes place. That would also explain the difference in time it takes to effect a victim, some are fast others take a while - it would depend on the overall health and strength of immune system.

As the Z-Cells are really quite different from the healthy cells of the original host, it would also explain a number of things.

1 - This is why the rotting slows (and often stops) - only the remaining normal cells would decay, this would leave the emaciated walking corpses we know and love.

2 - This is why Zeds crave human flesh, as their bodies are somehow craving what they have lost on a genetic level, healthy Human tissue.

3 - As the brain of the victim has been replaced with Z-Cells, one can assume that the brain is now working on a much simpler level. It would appear mostly dead to examination, but still functions on a rudimentary level - which is why destroying the brain kills the Zed.

4 - As the bones and muscles are now Z-Cells, that don't require blood flow or oxygen to work - it would explain why Zombies are slow and shambling. Only really fresh Zombies (those still with original cells present) would be able to move at any great pace.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Zombieville Post

To those of you who don't know, I'm working on a 7ombie TV Fanzine "The Zombieville Post" at the moment.

I would still like submissions if people have the time!

Carl (BooBoo on the Crooked Dice Forum) has done us some Paper Terrain (shhh, super secret).

Tony (shadowking on the Crooked Dice Forum) has done us a cracking article based upon the Anime "High School of the Dead" - and some more bits of Art, he was also thinking of a Battle Report at one point.

I'm working on "VAMPS!" A ‘fangtastic’ 7ombie TV variant, and "Night of the Return to the Planet of the Evil Living Dead Zombies" - a mini 7ombie TV Campaign Setting.

It's looking good for a Christmas Eve release (something to mull over after stuffing your faces LoL) - BUT I WOULD LIKE MORE SUBMISSIONS if people are interested.

Please Email me directly at with any ideas!

7TV Ape Extras

The first of my Planet of the Apes profiles, Ape Extras!

Next Up - General Ursus and Dr Zaius!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


7TV meets Planet of the Apes - whats not to love! 
The idea is to create a cohesive Planet of the Apes Timeline for Gamine (both Roleplaying and Miniatures Gaming).

This Timeline has been hashed together in this way for two reasons, to make sense of the Original Movies and TV Series (I’ve ignored ‘Return to the Planet of the Apes’ – the animated series has far too many incongruities to fit it into the time-line comfortably) and also to create a gaming environment that allows for more choices than Ape vs Primitives (with the odd astronaut) or Ape vs Mutant. I used project ‘Tic-Toc’ as both POTA and the Time Tunnel are FOX Properties, but it could quite easily have been the Time Lift Project (or both for that matter). 

So feel free to add/change/edit etc, as you see fit!

Planet of the Apes Timeline
Having launched on a space mission in 1972, astronaut Taylor splashes down on a strange world in the late 40th century and is taken captive by talking apes. He befriends chimp scientists Zira and Cornelius, discovers it was Earth all along, and disappears into 'The Forbidden Zone'. (Circa 3978)

Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Astronaut Brent’s spaceship crash-lands in The Forbidden Zone. He tracks down Taylor in an under city run by bomb-worshipping mutant humans. After apes seize this ‘Alpha-Omega bomb’ they kill Brent and mortally wound Taylor, whose final act is to detonate it and destroy the entire planet. (Circa 3978)

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970)

Taylor’s repaired ship reappears, containing time-warping Chimpanzee survivors Zira, Cornelius and Milo. Cornelius reveals the following “future facts” to the US Authorities -
A great plague wiped out (virtually?) all dogs and cats. As a result, humans took apes as pets.
Two hundred years later, apes had evolved to the point that their owners began using them to perform simple chores. Eventually this led to institutionalized training and outright enslavement of the ape population.
Another three hundred years passed before apes became capable of abstract thought and began to plot rebellion against their human masters.
A gorilla named Aldo was the first to acquire the power of speech. He said 'No'. This event was later commemorated in the apes' Sacred Scrolls.
The Ape visitors rapidly become celebrities, but the paranoid Dr. Hasslein comes to the conclusion that Cornelius and Zira are the harbingers of a future in which the fall of mankind is guaranteed, and that the only way to prevent that future is to destroy the two apes and their unborn child., but not before Zira gives birth to baby Milo, who is hidden away. (Circa 1973)

Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971)

The US Government realizing the future fate of the Human race decide to take Action, Project ‘Tic-Toc’ abandoned in 1968 after the loss of Doctors Anthony Newman and Douglas Phillips is re-funded and research into Time Travel begins again, this time with the intention of avoiding man’s fate at the hands of the Apes and the Mutant ‘Cult of the Divine Bomb’. (Circa 1974)

Going Ape (2011)

The changes created by both the presence of Cornelius and Zira in the present day, and project Tic-Tocs attempts to “re-set” the future so man does not lose his dominance over the planet earth causes a scism in the time-space continuum – creating two distinct time lines – in the new time-line the Apes begin their rise to dominance much faster than before. Both time lines run parallel yet independent to each other. (Circa 1975+)

Going Ape (2011)

The ANSA spaceship Daedelus encounters a time warp whilst approaching Alpha Centauri on August 19, 1980. The date on the ship's chronometer is March 21, 3085 but it is possible that the chronometer could have simply stopped at that point whilst the ship was still travelling. The two astronauts, Colonel Alan Virdon and Major Peter J. Burke return to their ship to check the date reading on the ship's chronometer. They find they are more than 1000 years in the future from the year they left Earth. Virdon insists on retrieving the ship's flight log in the hopes that they will be able to analyze it and be able to return to their own time period, presumably he either knows that project Tic-Toc will be looking for them or he hopes to launch the craft in an attempt to find the time warp that brought them here. 

Virdon and Burke – who launched in 1980 – never mention the story of Zira and Cornelius. Even if the media of their time ultimately reported that the evolved chimps from the future were a hoax, one of them would remember the press coverage and put two and two together. 

That they don't seems purposeful on the writers' part: Virdon and Burke don't mention Zira and Cornelius because that event never happened in the universe the astronauts come from- further illustrating the two divergent time lines.

Skip a few years into the future, an aged Galen kept a journal of his time with Virdon and Burke, revealing Virdon and Burke's final fates: "They found their computer in another city and disappeared into space as suddenly as they’d arrived” – in reality, they never returned to their own time. (Circa 3085?)

Planet of the Apes (TV Series – 1974)

Several Teams of Armed specialists are sent through to the year 3978 through the Time Tunnel, in an effort to change the fate of planet earth, the teams were never retrieved heard from again. (Circa 1982)

Going Ape (2011)

During the 1983 plague, hundreds of thousands of Cats and Dogs died, and hundreds of thousands more had to be put to death to stop the plague's spread. The virus affected not only dogs and cats, but also caused the accelerated evolution of apes (and, less dramatically, the de-evolution of humankind) – to deal with the constant civil unrest America has now become a fascist state in which the evolving apes are a slave race. 

Milo, having been raised by kindly circus man Armando, unites with his slave-ape brothers and renames himself Caesar, before leading the ape revolution. (Circa 1991)

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972)

Caesar’s ape community welcomes human survivors of nuclear war and against his will they become treated as second-class citizens. War breaks out between human and ape, leading to a truce. (Circa 2001)

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes (1973)

Humans and apes are co-existing peacefully. But what does the future hold for them? A crying statue of Caesar suggests a dark and ominous future. (Circa 2670)

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes prologue & epilogue (1973)

Next Up - Ape Profiles!

Planet of the Apes Astronaut

Here is my first attempt at a Planet of the Apes ANSA Astronaut - I used a Crooked Dice Data-pad Astronaut, gave him Crooked Dice Darius' pistol - I greenstuffed the hand a little to make it more bulky like a glove - I know what "purists" are going to say, why is he carrying a gun - my response is wtf were the ANSA thinking sending unarmed men to an Alien Planet, give them firearms FFS you don't know what the Animal Life is like where you are going!

UNLESS of course the weapons were in the packs that the primitive humans looted and trashed - we will never know.

It's the
Crooked Dice Hairy Tweedy head (I shall use the Crooked Dice bearded Minion head for the other), and I filed down the squared off cuffs, and the crest off the helmet so it looks a little more different to the regular suits.

I magnetized both the head and the helmet, for variety during play - and magnetized the hand for further variety (so he can seemingly carry the helmet).