Saturday, 21 January 2012

7tar Trek II

One of the big things I am attempting is to be comprehensive, so 7TV Gadget Cards are renamed (or sometimes omitted as they don't 'fit' the setting), new Event Cards (these are actually proving a problem, I want distinct Federation only cards - but do I do I go that far with Klingons, Romulans, Orions etc?

Oh and Federation Gadgets differ from those allowable to other more unscrupulous races too.

I've broken it down to different positions on a Federation Vessel or Station, Captain, Helm, Engineering, Science/Medical (only one Archetype there, that's tailored to fit), then additional Special Effects to customise further - making someone Head of Department, First Officer etc.

To further that, each race is presented as a Special Effect too - but as with Department Heads, a cost in Ratings is associated with each Race (one for Stars/Co-Stars and another for Extras) - this enables quite a bit of customization with your Federation Casts. All Stars and Co-Stars have one less Special Effect choice, as having the Racial Choices adds more into the mix.

Klingons are being done as Klingon Captain, Klingon Engineering Officer, etc. This is so the Klingons stay, well - as Klingons with not faffing around changing things.

Romulans and Gorn (the other two Major Villainous Races Covered) are being treated the same.

HOWEVER there are also Merchant/Trader Crews - leaving Room for Scoundrels like Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones in the mix. So there are seperitve Profiles for Ship Captains, Engineers etc - then further Race Special Effects for Orions and other Races to do your "rogue" Casts too.

Lastly I plan to have some "Special Guest Stars" as well, so expect to see Kirk, Spock, and Crew and a few surprises.

Right, back to transferring my rough notes into Word LoL!

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