Friday, 20 January 2012

7tar Trek

I always seem to come back to Star Trek Gaming, no matter how far I stray.

Generally its with RPG's, whether it be the FASA RPG, Decipher, or the Last Unicorn Games (I've got them all) but recently, I've come around to skirmish gaming.

What I'm working on at the moment are guidelines for Cult TV Wargaming in the Worlds of STAR TREK The Original Series  – presented in the style of Crooked Dice’s amazing set of Action Engine rules 7TV.

Unfortunately they won't be stand alone - you will need Copy of 7TV, and (of course) Miniatures or Card Stand-Ups to represent your Casts and Crews.

This PDF will be split into sections – an Introduction to the Universe of Star Trek, Starfleet Casts, Starfleet Weapons and Gadgets, Alien Casts, Alien Weapons and Gadgets, Event Cards, and Scenarios.

My love affair with Star Trek started when I was very young, I was already a Doctor Who fan - my first experience with Starship Troopers was two years off (Uncle Joe gave me my first copy of the book when I was nine).

I can clearly remember sitting there in my pyjamas, full of Saturday night tea (Saturdays were a big thing tea-time in our house, we always had something nice) – I had no Doctor Who to watch, as it had finished its last series a few weeks ago – but my Mom came to the rescue as she always did. “Don’t forget Star Trek is on tonight” – my Dad rolled his eyes and sighed deeply (he’s never been a Science Fiction fan, not like me and Mom) and buried his head in his paper. Luckily I knew he would most likely sleep through it, so nothing would be spoiled or interrupted - and I had a feeling Mom and I were in for a treat.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" was the first episode to be shown in the UK by the BBC on July 12, 1969 – I was just 7 at the time (quite literally, my Birthday is in May), and my wonderful Mother let me stay up past my Bedtime to watch it.

I wasn’t (and still aren’t) disappointed. Everything was amazing, the music, the spaceship, the characters – I can still remember going to bed buzzing about it.

I’ve done quite a bit of Star Trek Roleplaying over the years (the FASA Rules remain my favourite) and wanted to do skirmish gaming, but no set of rules ever “fitted the bill” till now – with Star Trek being one of my all-time favourite TV Franchises, and 7TV being one of my all-time favourite Miniatures Games – it just made sense really . .


Brummie said...

Sounds good Drew. look forward to hearing more

Tim Knight said...

Very interested to see the end result. Sounds brilliant.

Trey said...

Though I haven't played more than FASA Trek (and that was some years ago) I periodically here the space siren's call to game Trek. I just never seemed to get into action before the urge passes.

PMMDJ said...

Man, I was tempted by 7TV before your posts, my resistance is weakening...

Doctor Warlock said...

@ Brummie, expect some more "teasers"

@ Tim - I hope you enjoy it, I've played a couple of games now and its a hoot.

@ Trey - Stick Around!

@ PMMDJ - You WON'T be disappointed with 7TV not at all!

PMMDJ said...

And I've broken down. Book, ordered.

Doctor Warlock said...

If you like Spy Fi (as I do) and 60's TV shows (as I do) in general, you will love it. One of the other things I'm working on is "the Community" a Homage to all things McGoohan and the Prisoner - but with other strong Sci-Fi and Spi-Fi elements thrown into the mix to spice things up even more. 7TV is THAT inspiring!