Wednesday, 11 January 2012

You Only Live Dice in Birmingham UK

Crooked Dice are coming to Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK on the 18th February 2012!!!

Famous games stockist Waylands Forge in Birmingham UK are hosting some participation games of hit Spy-Fi miniatures game 7TV on Saturday 18th February.

The award winning participation game "You Only Live Dice" will be played, so come and meet Karl and some of their Crooked Minions.

Click the link to go to the shop website if you need to contact them for more details.


Frontline Gamer said...

Will you be there Drew? I take it you will be :)

Shelldrake said...

I wish this was happening in my part of the world - I hope those that go have a great time and post plenty of photos on their blogs!

Doctor Warlock said...

At the moment FG thats the Plan!

Brummie said...

I'm hoping to be there also :D

Doctor Warlock said...