Saturday, 31 March 2012

Melvin De Moor's Pulp City Art

I haven't browsed Deviant Art for a while, but I came across some gorgeous stuff today that I hadn't seen before!

Melvin De Moor, who does a lot of concept art for Pulp City - his Gallery is choc-a-bloc with nice stuff (and not just for Pulp City either).

Bad Alice!



GP Mercedes!

GP Velocity!



Red Bella!

The Lady in Red!


Painting, Painting, Painting, Keep those Brushes Painting, Got to keep on Painting, Sore Hand . . . . .

FINALLY I am getting somewhere with the Painting!

Sovereign is nearly finished, hair, skin, and gun to go!

Harrier mostly done, skin and base to do.

Deadeye has basic colours on, as does one of his Vigilantes!


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Brief Ulthar Interlude . . . . . . .

“Gemini-X, I'm bored. What play thing can you offer me today?” Aquarius sighed, in an  uncharacteristically restless manner.

“An obscure body in the Sol System my Lord – its inhabitants refer to it simply as the planet Earth.” Gemini-Y looked on in disgust at his twins fawning over their master.

“What does it have to offer, is it vast in mineral resources, water, energy – what?” It was obvious Aquarius’ interest had suddenly peaked.

Gemini-X was about to speak, when Gemini-Y seized his opportunity to curry favour – “They have Heroes my Lord”. Aquarius paused, obviously deep in thought for the longest time – Gemini-Y suddenly began to feel most concerned, whether him speaking up was the right thing or not. He glanced over at Gemini-X only to see him standing there with his arms crossed looking smug, looking very smug indeed.

Earth you say”, Aquarius’ inquisitive tone betrayed his interest.

“Yes my Lord”, Gemini-X and Gemini-Y’s voices rang out in chorus – they looked at each other with great relief and pleasure. After all, this is what they do best – work together.

“Heroes, I love destroying Heroes – no better way to crush a planets will than destroying it’s Heroes” – Aquarius’ voice took on a confident and strident tone, it was obvious to the Gemini’s he intended action – that he wanted to ‘play’ with Earth for a while.

“Plus they are doubly weak at the moment my Lord” – Gemini-Y was getting excited now. 

“The planet is split in its loyalties at the moment” – Gemini-X chimed in, “One of the warring factions is ruled over by a Human called Hitler” – continued Gemini-X. 

“Now he shows promise” – once again, their shrill voices rang out in perfect chorus. Gemini-X and Gemini-Y were clearly showing their glee.

“Dispatch a scouting vessel immediately” said Aquarius in a commanding tone, “to that area there, I like the look of it” Aquarius pointed a taloned finger at the monitor-screen.

“That continent is called Europe my Lord” stated Gemini-Y with some authority. “A perfect choice my Lord” continued Gemini-X.

And slowly, but surely, they drew their plans against us . . . . . . .

Astonishing X-Men #48

The latest issue of Astonishing X-Men is out, my mate Mike Perkins being the Artist on this one - with Marjorie Liu taking over the writing duties.

The cover by Dustin Weaver is pretty darn amazing too!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Commander Positron

Richard “Rick” King was a renowned decathlete and research scientist. Like all good Americans he joined up to do his part to fight the Axis powers.

Whilst serving in Italy during late September 1943, Rick and his unit encountered a strange “saucer like” aircraft, crashed deep behind enemy lines. As an experienced Scientist, Rick investigated the saucer alone – whilst his unit held the advancing enemy troops away from the crash site.

Whilst inside he found no bodies, just strange “zodiac-like” symbols and crystal based control panels. Everything seemed so alien, so warlike – Rick was surprisingly disturbed by what he encountered inside. He attempted to take several pictures - only later to discover he had taken nothing, that the Radiation levels inside the saucer had wiped any images off the film.

Entering what he thought was the cockpit, Ricks heart filled with fear – it was obvious to anyone from the readings on the control panels there, that there was something seriously wrong. Rick raced his way out of the saucer, only to have it explode as he was exiting through the hatch he had entered through.

After four week recovery in a field Hospital, Rick found that some interesting changes – his injuries had healed at an alarming rate, and he found he glowed ever so slightly in pitch darkness. He now thought with an amazing clarity, he understood everything he knew about the universe in a way he never had before – and suddenly knew a lot more to boot.

As part of his recovery, he had taken to building things – mostly out of scrap and old parts. What he built looked like Modern Art to be frank – a Belt, a Gun, a Back-Pack, a Helmet, and a Wristwatch. In the hands of the Doctors and his Unit, the gizmos he built are just so much scrap – but when Rick uses them – they actually work! A Rocket Pack, and control Helmet to go with it, a Wrist Communicator, a Belt Energy Shield Generator, and a “Lightning Gun” for want of a better descriptive term.

It seems the explosion left Ricks body supercharged with Positrons – this not only repaired his body after the explosion, but left Ricks brain functioning on a higher level. His gadgets had been designed (one can only imaging subconsciously) to be “powered” by Ricks own Body (as positrons emit gamma rays) which means his toys won’t work for anyone else.

Commander Positron is a positive force for the Allies, fighting alongside regular Units as well as the Zoo Crew.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Pulp City Golden Age Supremes

Something I've been posting about over at the Pulp City Forums is the idea of "Golden Age" Supremes.

I've been tinkering about with ideas for this for a long time,my "Notebook of Doom" is full of thoughts and scribblings for Supremes anyway; but (as anyone who knows me is aware) I have a particular fondness (if not out and out love) for 'Old School' Super Heroes.

We already know about the Red Baron - but what about other Heroes and Villains of the 'Golden Age'?

The Red Baron is a relic of WWI - somehow raised from the dead, he works with "The Axis of Terror" a group of Supremes hell-bent on the fall of democracy and the free world.

The Axis of Terror

Other Axis of Terror Members include -

"Reich-Star"- Heidi is a world class Olympic gymnast, and totally loyal to her Fuhrer. Accidentally exposed to a particle of dark matter which entered her body as part of micro-meteorite - enhancing here strength and agility, and giving her the ability to "fly" by negating the effects of gravity.

"Baron Sun"
- Powered by the solar magics of Atlantis, Baron Sun is a threat to the free-world and the scourge of democracy.

"The Aryan" - The Third Reichs very own Super Soldier, this '√úbermensch' was created as a direct response to Liberty Bill (see below) but the Nazi super-soldier process is flawed, and any Aryans life-span is considerably shorter than a normal Human beings would be. Still there is no shortage of volunteers, when one Aryan dies - another is more than ready to replace him.

The Alies sport a number of Heroes of their own - the most famous being Liberty Bill and the Liberty Legion and the Zoo Crew.

"Liberty Bill" - Benjamin Franklyn wrote an ancient American-Indian Formula on the back of the Declaration of Independence. This formula makes a 'potion' (for want of a better word) which, while it lasts, enhances an individuals strength, toughness, speed, and endurance. The first Liberty Bill helped the Yanks win the American Revolutionary War against the British. When Colin Bayley, a mild mannered scholar discovered the formula whilst cleaning the Declaration of Independence his life took on a whole new meaning - he fights against the Axis and for Honour, Democracy, and the American Way.

"The Zoo Crew" - The Ape Revolutionary Committee weren't the first intelligent Apes on the scene. The Zoo Crew were originally a group of convicted of felons under sentence of death. There only other option was to volunteer for "Project Z".

The intelligence of the Subject was transferred to a Primate body, along with his DNA pattern - which eventually established itself by over-writing some of the original Apes DNA sequences. This left an Ape of Human level intelligence (actually slightly higher in the case of Doctor Hominid), with human-like posture, and the ability to speak.

Much of the original "donors" personality was erased in the procedure, creating a combination personality based on that of the Apes and the Original Donors.

"The Zoo Crew" - specialized in raids and commando missions behind enemy lines, especially where secrecy and surprise (who wouldn't be surprised by an APE GI) was essential.

"Commando Chimp"
- Referred to only as "Boss" by other members of his team, Commando Chimp is in the leader of the Zoo Crew. Stalwart, dependable, and strong - Commando Chimp is a good 'man' to have at your side.

"Doctor Hominid"
- Often referred to as just "Doc", Hominid is Commando Chimps right-hand Gorilla and the Crew's Medical Officer too. That's not to say he's not useful in a fight, Doctor Hominid is a full grown male Gorilla and knows how to hold his own when the success of a mission is on the line.

"Demolition Derby" - Derby is an Orangutan, and the Crews demolitions expert - and a damn fine one too. What Derby doesn't know about explosives isn't worth knowing.

"Evie" (short for Evolution) - Is the only one of the Crew with a tangible power, as a Gibbon Evie is particularly nonthreatening to look at; but poses the biggest threat to an enemy. Evie can "de-volve" people to simpler life forms - he's not managed to devolve someone to a lesser state than a form of primitive Cave-Man, but Doctor Hominid believes its only a matter of time before he has mastered his power.

The surviving Zoo Crew disappeared shortly after the war, and were presumed captured by Soviet Scientists.

As Pulp Citizen pointed out over at the Forums, there are certain Supremes who were around during World War II  - Perun, Sovereign, Ace of Wraiths, Francis Gator.

Especially with Perun and Sovereign being "on the scene" I already have ideas forming for the Allies . . . . . 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Painting and Converting

The painting is going OK atm, like I said just slow - my hands are as bad as ever - plus my wrist/arm injury is achy a lot. NORMALLY that doesn't slow me down that much, so I doubt its actually that.

Still, I'm plodding on - sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so obsessive with it. I know I'm not the best painter in the world, but if it doesn't look right to me I often end up stripping the miniature and starting again (hand what everyone else thinks LoL) - which is why I don't to non-metalic-metals, and I don't highlight all the way up to white. NMM just doesn't look metalic to me, and the white thing just looks dusty and untidy to me personally (weird aren't I).

The Red Baron conversions are doing OK too, I'm hoping to have a good sit-down and work on them - rather than just doing them in fits and spurts - but I'll get there.

My First Time!

Don't worry its nothing rude LoL!

I'm referring to my first time buying/reading Superhero Comics!

Mine was in May 1968, I had a CRAP Birthday (my Brother was, and still is, a Toad) and on the Sunday (the 26th) we went to see my Grandparents (like we always did).

There was a little newsagent that was open till lunchtime just around the corner. Because of my disappointment my Dad walked me round and told me I could pick whatever I wanted. 

He admitted later that he was expecting me to choose a Colouring Book and perhaps a Lucky Bag. 

But no, the Covers of the DC Comics were calling to me - finally, after some time deciding I picked - Batman #201, Flash #179, and Justice League of America #62 - I've still got the Batman issue, though its looking very tired and its cover is hanging off.

A BIG THANKS to my friend Brian Urso for stimulating this memory!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Encounter Level 12 - Major Teams

With the Arrival of Sovereign today I can now do two Level 12 Themed Teams, although the Hero Teams 'theme' isn't brilliant - the whole Team are Unaligned Heroes.

Unaligned Major Team - Encounter Level 12
Deadeye (L3)
Ace of Wraiths (L2)
Solar (L2)
Sovereign (L2)
Skyline (L1)
Jade Hawk (L1)
Harrier (L1)

FORTUNATELY the releases for the Ulthar are such that you can do an Encounter Level 12 Team out of whats available (which I am sure was totally deliberate LoL).

Ulthar Major Team - Encounter Level 12
Ra’Leigh, Aquarius Warlord (L3)
Gorgoroth, Taurus Captain (L2)
Stormblades, Libra Sensei (L2)
Xyllian, Master Sagittarius (L2)
Stinger, Scorpio Fencer (L1)
Gemini X (L1)
Gemini Y (L1)

To "mix things up" a bit with the Heroes (and carrying on the Ulthar Theme) I can swap out a Level 2 and a Level 1 for Virgo (L2) and Tritonious (L1) as well!

OK - this all seems excessive, but I LIKE to have a semi-realistic Target to aim for (I'm not had the time for a lot of painting lately, and it's unlikely to get any better in the near future either) so attempting to paint "one of everything" like Leon is quite simply unrealistic for me to plan for at the moment.

Still, it's nice to have a target!


A couple of weeks ago I had a "bit of a BooBoo" and cut my arm quite badly.

Linda, the daft (but lovely) lass she is ordered me some Pulp City Miniatures as a "Get Well Soon" pressie!

The Injury was worth it!
The parcel arrived today - the Dark Solar Set, a Sovereign, AND A HULK GRIMM AS A 'BONUS' - WOOT!

Thanks Linda and Pulp Monsters - You're Aces!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Watchmen Midnight

I am a HUGE Watchmen Fan, I'm even excited about the new Watchmen Comics (yea, yea, I know) - My favourite cut of the Movie is the Directors Cut (not the Ultimate Cut I hear you ask) - no, because the Ultimate Cut does nothing to enhance the movie. It just puts that bloody Black Freighter cartoon smack bang into the middle of it all slowing down the Action.

I know purists might insist its better with it in, and thats fine - of you go and watch it that way if you are so inclined.

I prefer my Watchmen "undiluted" LoL!

I recently came across a Fan Edit of the Watchmen called "Watchmen - Midnight" - and I must admit, I'm damn impressed.

It does take some of the more OTT Action moments out, but that doesn't really detract from things - on the plus side its edited to recapture some of the spirit, story structure, and character depth of the original comic books by reorganizing/trimming scenes, adding new content from the “Under the Hood” documentary, even to the extend of replacing music to change the tone of various scenes.

Though its slower and less showy, its well worth the effort in tracking it down and giving it a look-see.

Like all Fan Edits, you should really own the Movie - the Watchmen is worth it too IMHO.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Black Fox

Years and YEARS ago, when my friend Mike was just a young man, WAY before he went to the US to become a very highly respected Comic Artist (if you don't know who Mike Perkins is - I drafted out an idea for a character and Mike did some preliminary sketches for him.

Scott Andrews was the Son of a Steel Worker, his family had led an ordinary existence - he had grown up idolizing Super Hero's, he was a sickly child. Clever, but not particularly athletic.

He served a term in the Army, and that improved his general health and stamina - when he mustered out. He resolved to fight crime.

As a kid he was a massive Zorro fan, so he he fashioned a costume of black. With a black cowl, and a black cloak - and took to the night as The "Black Fox"

His first outing did not go well, he tried to stop a mugging - and got (quite literally) beaten to a pulp. Though not crippled, the damage to his spine shattered his nervous system - pain killers were almost unnecessary during his recuperation - as he couldn't really feel pain any more. His physical therapy went well, and it left him stronger (though that was more likely down to the nerve damage), faster, and fitter than before - and his resolution to be a Superhero took a darker turn.

Clad in black leather, wearing body armour, arm & leg protection - and sporting a shotgun. The Black Fox had the determination to take back the night.

That is a direct write up of what I had roughed down in my notebook, and Mike kindly scanned his original drawing and sent it to me.

I'm SORELY tempted, when I've finished the Red Baron's to convert up a Black Fox - I think he would make an excellent Level One Supreme for Pulp City! 

A LOT of Modern Comics simply Suck

Broad sweeping statement here - a LOT of modern Comics simply suck.

Disneys Marvel Entertainment buyout (lets face it) was on the cards for a while, and OK the Movies are great - but some of the more recent comics are pretty but lackluster (at best).

DC's "New 52" had me really excited (for about a nanosecond) till I saw some of the "changes" - FFS Superman in jeans and a cape! I can honestly say beyond some of the older Graphic Novels I can't see me buying any DC Comics again. They are shiney for the sake of it, and (for the most part out of the ones I have read) lack any strength and passion in the writing - it's almost as if the writers are going through the motions now.

Everyone knows I've never been a huge marvel fan (even though Stan Lee strikes me as a REALLY nice guy) - some of their business practices are irritating at best.

Poaching the name Daredevil and then copyrighting it - even though there was a Daredevil comic character already in existence (its why Death Defying Devil isn't called Daredevil anymore) - the original Daredevil debuted in Silver Streak #6 (September 1940), whereas Marvels Daredevil first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964).

The OTHER Marvel 'double deal' that sticks in my craw is the buyout of Malibu Comics.

The Ultraverse Titles were the first comics I had been excited about in YEARS - sales declined industry-wide in the mid-1990s, so (naturally) Malibu cancelled some of the slower-selling titles.

Although the company's assets were still seen as attractive enough continue publishing in its own right - the company was purchased by Marvel Comics in late 1994. Marvel openly admitted at the time (I still have my issues of Wizard) that they made the purchase to acquire Malibu's then groundbreaking in-house colouring studio, which was WAY better than ANY other Publishers at the time.

Despite Promises at the time that some titles WOULD continue - Marvel cancelled the entire Ultraverse line, only to briefly resurrect a handful of the more popular titles as well as a number of crossovers with Marvel characters.

Dynamite and Boom seem to be producing the only titles I am really enjoying anymore (even Dark Horse are dropping the ball with the Hellboy titles, both Hellboy and BPRD are very 'meh' at the moment) - in particular all the Project Superpowers Titles, Flash Gordon Zeitgeist, and Irredeemable.

At least I have something to read LoL!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Golden Age Pulp City - The Red Baron

For a LOT of Pulp City Fans The Red Baron AE-WWII/Pulp City Crossover Promo Miniature is the Holy Grail of Pulp City collecting.

There are Six actually, the three different Grimm (which I am sure will come out at some point), the Herald. June Summers (again, I anticipate a version of her to be released at some point - hopefully the original sculpt as its lovely), and the Red Baron.

I'll be honest, not having any of them is irksome to me - luckily I have two of the Grimm. The Bag Lady and the Driller, just need the Hulk Grimm now.

I HOPE I can get the Herald, I had racked up some "promo" points for painted miniatures and web promo's as a member of the Pulp City Heralds, but the whole thing kinda fizzled out before all my points were verified (sob).

I would LOVE to get my hands on June (rarrr LoL), but again it depends on either how many are out there - and that someone might be willing to part with one OR she might get released properly.

Then there is the Red Baron - being a Golden Age Superhero nut anyway, this miniature really is my Holy Grail. But being on a limited income at the moment, and given the rarity of the piece the chances of me finding one (especially considering how many Pulp City fans want one) are slim at best.

So, as my friends on the Crooked Dice Forum know - what I can't get (or afford) I build.

Over the next few weeks I plan to make my own Red Baron - either sculpting from scratch, or heavily converting a miniature.

Now, ego aside - I know I could duplicate the Miniature almost exactly should I want to - but should I?

Firstly it kinda invalidates the original (to me at least) - and it's unfair on the original sculptors work. Secondly, its (technically) a form of pirating (however obscure the link LoL).

The other option is to create something new, a similar pose that LOOKS like the Baron. But an entirely new Sculpt/Conversion.

More thoughts later.

Micro Universe Miniatures Clearout

Cyber Controller - £2
4 Cybermen - £3 each

4 Auton Dummies - £2 each

2 Slitheen - £3 each
Slitheen Pig Alien - £4

Judoon Officer - £2
3 Judoon Troopers  - £2 each

3 Kirllitain (Flesh Coloured) - £3 each

2 Black Coat Clockwork Men - £2.50 each
2 Blue Coat Clockwork Men - £2 each

Dalek Sec Hybrid - £2

3 Daleks with Claws - £4 each
3 Daleks with Suckers - £4 each

The Master (John Saxon) - £3
Captain Jack - £3
Martha - £2
Mickey Smith - £2
The Doctor (suit) - £3
The Doctor (overcoat) £5
K9 - £5

P&P £1.50 in the UK Flat Rate no matter how many you order, P&P Worldwide on request.

PayPal Invoice will be sent upon ordering.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


I was TRYING to re-do Solars base the other night, I was never really happy with it - I managed to sneeze and launch Solar in his entirety across the room.

Of course, he can't really fly - and his landing was less than a 10.0 (by a long chalk) - resulting him being in such a state that he's had to be stripped and I'm starting again.

(thats a perfect example of everything at the moment again, one long turd)

HOWEVER, with my "injury" present on its way (THANKS LUMPY) I am in a fairly unique position, I can paint Light and Dark Solar so they complement each other - something I hadn't really thought of doing before.

Thinking, Thinking . . . . .

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Awww Crap . . . .

Sorry there's been no hobby stuff on here for a while, but to qoute Hellboy - Awww Crap . . . .

My life goes from bad to worse LoL, from busy and complex to a downright tangle of hassles (again).

Like Arnie Says - "I'll be Back" . . . . .

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pulp City

I was informed earlier today - that I'm being treated with a "you silly sod" present because of my Arm Injury!

Sovereign and the Dark Solar Set! These will be my first new Pulp City Miniatures in AGES - WOOT!

Almost worth the hassle of the injury LoL!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Warpath Forge Fathers

I am loving the Forge Fathers from Mantic for Warpath, as a HUGE Squat Fan - they are like a breath of fresh air for me.

I wanted to like the Olley Armies Scrunts, but they (no offense to Bob Olley) aren't quite right - the same goes for the Hasslefree Grymn - GORGEOUS Sculpts, but they weren't what I wanted personally.

When the Kings of War Dwarfs came out - I had the intention of buying a load and converting them. UNTIL I saw such conversions would be near impossible because of the way the models were conceived and posed.

So when the Warpath Forge Fathers were announced, as you can imagine I was over the moon!

I could happily do a 2000 Point Army for Warpath, just out of what I have already (actually more than that LoL) - so I'm "good to go" to a certain extent.

Next I want some BFG's for my Steel Warriors - the problem is I'm not keen on using the Drakkarim Team Heavy/Special Weapons as part of a Steel Warrior Unit. They have a distinct look/feel to them that (in my humble opinion) doesn't fit with/match the Steel Warriors. The arms on the Drakkarim Team members don't join the bodies in the same way as the Steel Warriors either, so just using the arms isn't an option either.

So, it's time to raid my Bits-Box and see what I can come up with.

HOWEVER thats not the main reason for the post, all this Sci Fi "tatting" has turned my thoughts back to my favourite Sci-Fi Wargame of all time "VOR-THE MAELSTROM" - it's only a matter of time before the Forge Fathers get a VOR Army List!