Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Black Fox

Years and YEARS ago, when my friend Mike was just a young man, WAY before he went to the US to become a very highly respected Comic Artist (if you don't know who Mike Perkins is - I drafted out an idea for a character and Mike did some preliminary sketches for him.

Scott Andrews was the Son of a Steel Worker, his family had led an ordinary existence - he had grown up idolizing Super Hero's, he was a sickly child. Clever, but not particularly athletic.

He served a term in the Army, and that improved his general health and stamina - when he mustered out. He resolved to fight crime.

As a kid he was a massive Zorro fan, so he he fashioned a costume of black. With a black cowl, and a black cloak - and took to the night as The "Black Fox"

His first outing did not go well, he tried to stop a mugging - and got (quite literally) beaten to a pulp. Though not crippled, the damage to his spine shattered his nervous system - pain killers were almost unnecessary during his recuperation - as he couldn't really feel pain any more. His physical therapy went well, and it left him stronger (though that was more likely down to the nerve damage), faster, and fitter than before - and his resolution to be a Superhero took a darker turn.

Clad in black leather, wearing body armour, arm & leg protection - and sporting a shotgun. The Black Fox had the determination to take back the night.

That is a direct write up of what I had roughed down in my notebook, and Mike kindly scanned his original drawing and sent it to me.

I'm SORELY tempted, when I've finished the Red Baron's to convert up a Black Fox - I think he would make an excellent Level One Supreme for Pulp City! 


pulpcitizen said...

I liked the concept art you posted up on the Forum. :)

PMMDJ said...

A little dark and gritty for the world of Pulp City, but definitely a nifty idea.

Doctor Warlock said...

Oh I don't know - theres plenty of darker elements to Pulp City!