Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Brief Ulthar Interlude . . . . . . .

“Gemini-X, I'm bored. What play thing can you offer me today?” Aquarius sighed, in an  uncharacteristically restless manner.

“An obscure body in the Sol System my Lord – its inhabitants refer to it simply as the planet Earth.” Gemini-Y looked on in disgust at his twins fawning over their master.

“What does it have to offer, is it vast in mineral resources, water, energy – what?” It was obvious Aquarius’ interest had suddenly peaked.

Gemini-X was about to speak, when Gemini-Y seized his opportunity to curry favour – “They have Heroes my Lord”. Aquarius paused, obviously deep in thought for the longest time – Gemini-Y suddenly began to feel most concerned, whether him speaking up was the right thing or not. He glanced over at Gemini-X only to see him standing there with his arms crossed looking smug, looking very smug indeed.

Earth you say”, Aquarius’ inquisitive tone betrayed his interest.

“Yes my Lord”, Gemini-X and Gemini-Y’s voices rang out in chorus – they looked at each other with great relief and pleasure. After all, this is what they do best – work together.

“Heroes, I love destroying Heroes – no better way to crush a planets will than destroying it’s Heroes” – Aquarius’ voice took on a confident and strident tone, it was obvious to the Gemini’s he intended action – that he wanted to ‘play’ with Earth for a while.

“Plus they are doubly weak at the moment my Lord” – Gemini-Y was getting excited now. 

“The planet is split in its loyalties at the moment” – Gemini-X chimed in, “One of the warring factions is ruled over by a Human called Hitler” – continued Gemini-X. 

“Now he shows promise” – once again, their shrill voices rang out in perfect chorus. Gemini-X and Gemini-Y were clearly showing their glee.

“Dispatch a scouting vessel immediately” said Aquarius in a commanding tone, “to that area there, I like the look of it” Aquarius pointed a taloned finger at the monitor-screen.

“That continent is called Europe my Lord” stated Gemini-Y with some authority. “A perfect choice my Lord” continued Gemini-X.

And slowly, but surely, they drew their plans against us . . . . . . .

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