Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Commander Positron

Richard “Rick” King was a renowned decathlete and research scientist. Like all good Americans he joined up to do his part to fight the Axis powers.

Whilst serving in Italy during late September 1943, Rick and his unit encountered a strange “saucer like” aircraft, crashed deep behind enemy lines. As an experienced Scientist, Rick investigated the saucer alone – whilst his unit held the advancing enemy troops away from the crash site.

Whilst inside he found no bodies, just strange “zodiac-like” symbols and crystal based control panels. Everything seemed so alien, so warlike – Rick was surprisingly disturbed by what he encountered inside. He attempted to take several pictures - only later to discover he had taken nothing, that the Radiation levels inside the saucer had wiped any images off the film.

Entering what he thought was the cockpit, Ricks heart filled with fear – it was obvious to anyone from the readings on the control panels there, that there was something seriously wrong. Rick raced his way out of the saucer, only to have it explode as he was exiting through the hatch he had entered through.

After four week recovery in a field Hospital, Rick found that some interesting changes – his injuries had healed at an alarming rate, and he found he glowed ever so slightly in pitch darkness. He now thought with an amazing clarity, he understood everything he knew about the universe in a way he never had before – and suddenly knew a lot more to boot.

As part of his recovery, he had taken to building things – mostly out of scrap and old parts. What he built looked like Modern Art to be frank – a Belt, a Gun, a Back-Pack, a Helmet, and a Wristwatch. In the hands of the Doctors and his Unit, the gizmos he built are just so much scrap – but when Rick uses them – they actually work! A Rocket Pack, and control Helmet to go with it, a Wrist Communicator, a Belt Energy Shield Generator, and a “Lightning Gun” for want of a better descriptive term.

It seems the explosion left Ricks body supercharged with Positrons – this not only repaired his body after the explosion, but left Ricks brain functioning on a higher level. His gadgets had been designed (one can only imaging subconsciously) to be “powered” by Ricks own Body (as positrons emit gamma rays) which means his toys won’t work for anyone else.

Commander Positron is a positive force for the Allies, fighting alongside regular Units as well as the Zoo Crew.

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